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American Home Mortgage

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This letter is in response to a letter dated June 25, 2012 from Homeward Residential in response to my complaint filed on 5/18/2012 at 11:23 am. The allegations that Mr. ** is accusing me of are false. What I have been falsely accused of shows me the scum they actually are. I certainly have a predatory case against Homeward Residential. Everything I am currently going through is defined under predatory lending and predatory mortgage servicers and I have included a highlighted copy. Also, to make my case stand out, there was a stipulation added into the loan regarding my chapter 7. This stipulation does not in any way need to be there. It was my sole personal financial crisis, nothing to do with the mortgage.

Yes, I am quite dissatisfied with how the ending of the loan modification went. Once I received my documents, they politely told me to call back so they could answer any questions. I had certainly done this for two weeks and 3 times on that day I sent off my documents and all I received was voicemail from Donna ** and Diana **. After making my third call to the customer service line, this line could not answer my questions and I was transferred over to the bankruptcy department, which as of April 2012, they still showed my account in bankruptcy due to my chapter 7. Mr. **, all allegations are false and it shows the scum that he is along with their legal department to back me up against a wall with this balloon payment mortgage /reduction in term in order to keep my payment high, that I don’t understand. According to industry, it’s only offered in commercial real estate setting.

What needs to be done here is to have the principal reduced to my homes value of $250k (currently underwater of $135-$150k), same interest rate, resetting the term to 28 as originally was in 2011. I will certainly fight to the end to get what I need accomplish for myself and set a standard for the rest of their suffering clients. On page 0 of Mr. **’s response, he alleges that on July 9, 2011, my chapter 7 bankruptcy status was removed. This is false, Mr. **. Please see above paragraph as well, because on the day that I stood at the FedEx office trying to contact AHMS to answer my questions regarding my modification, all I received was voicemail for Donna ** and Diana **. I then pursued to contact customer service to see if they could answer my loan modification questions. With that said, I was informed that my account was still in bankruptcy status and had to be transferred over to the bankruptcy department.

The bankruptcy department could not even answer my questions and suggested that I speak with my negotiator. I would have liked to speak with my negotiator, but my calls went unanswered. I wish my account would be sold and serviced by one of the top 5 banks because maybe, just maybe I can get better assistance instead of the clerks at homeward residential. Then to my surprise my negotiator, Donna **, was contacting me the last week of June 2012 at least every day. I had returned the phone calls to her but I never received a call back. It’s like dead air. To go even further, AHMS has reported to my credit bureau that this mortgage has been discharged and the balance on my loan is $0. How can you explain this when I have not reinstated my loan and I did not list the account with AHMS on my bankruptcy?

This organization has ** up my life, and my credit report and certainly they are ** up, and they continue to respond to my complaints with your organization, Mr. ** and with the New York State Banking association with such ass covering, false allegations to make them look good. On page 1 of Mr. **’s response, he alleges that on April 18th, AHMS attempted to call me but my voicemail was full. Once again, Homeward is dancing around the issue not to answer my questions regarding my loan modification and backing me up against the wall to sign this agreement. If I didn’t sign the agreement, they would have foreclosed on the property. At the start of the modification process, I was informed by Diana ** that this modification is non-negotiable (predatory ringing in my ears) and then I was informed by Donna ** that my principal reduction was denied of $140,000 because it would not benefit the bank.

Mr. **, I currently do not have a landline at my residence. The only phone number that I use is my cell. With that said, my voicemail is never full. To enforce what I just said, I have included my Verizon call long for the period for which this matter took place. There are numerous phone calls placed to Homeward so that I may speak to my negotiator and only one inbound call from Homeward Residential on April 18, for which they chose not to leave a message and cover their asses to show they made an effort. Also, you will see via this log, my calls to my voicemail account, checking my mail, so there is no truth to Mr. **’s statement. On page 2 of

Mr. **’s response, he alleges that my account was modified in June 2011. Mr. **, this allegation is false because I was in chapter 13 bankruptcy since November 2008 after my mother’s death and taking over her bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy started under Citi Residential and then was sold off to American Home Mortgage Services. Mr. **, this case was in court for 3 years and needed to be settled. My refinance, and that’s what it was, was lumped all together with arrears, taxes, all court fees and still unexplained costs (statutory expenses, certified check fees, attorney expenses, misc expenses - please see attached) added to the account that they could never explain and the case needed to end. Lumping together all my expense and their expense for their lavish offices in TX, Mexico, Florida and India is not a modification but a refinance. I walked away with a refinance with $100 in my pocket at the end of every month. How dare Mr. ** make such false allegations when he was not the one sitting in court for three years?

Mr. **’s false allegations made against me has led to an all out fight against Homeward Residential. This response will be submitted to the Consumer Affairs website specifically set up for American Home Mortgage Servicing/Homeward Residential at http://**. Please take a look at this site for a moment, Mr. **, and see the lives that this mortgage servicer has destroyed and no one chooses to step in and shut them down. This response will also be forwarded to the New York State Banking as well as the Attorney General of New York and also the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

After my heated voicemail I left on Mr. **’s phone (wrong thing to offer your extension to discuss this matter), Mr. **, Homeward Residential is in for the fight of their life. I will be following with complaints and submitting documents for principal reduction and the response or correspondences that they send me will be sent to all agencies, until there is justice and fairness prevails against this mortgage servicer for me and the million Americans that Homeward Residential has royally screwed. Homeward Residential is to me considered the lowest form of scum. It needs to be taken over by the Attorney General or the Federal government; next, all account sold off to the five major banks and servicers. These mortgage servicers are part of the reason we got into this mess in the first place.

Hello, I am back again with a problem with American Home Mortgage Services or should I say Homeward Residential. Did they think that changing the name would increase their likability so their customers would simply forget all the problems this company has caused?

I received my Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement dated May 5, 2012 from American Home Mortgage Servicing, listing my new payment starting on 06/01/2012. The amount agreed with the amount on the loan modification that I signed. Obviously, the first payment had to be sent in by Western Union, bank check or certified money order. I mailed in my payment via certified money order on June 4th and my payment was applied on June 11th. Over the weekend of June 16th, I received my next statement reflecting my June payment breakdown and the new payment amount for July 1st. The amount for July increased as a result of a late fee. My June 1st payment was mailed in before June 16th so there should be no late fee assessed on my account.

I come to find out that the late fee that was rolled over into my loan modification was being charged to my account again for my July mortgage payment. Three years and continuous complaints about this organization (classified as a debt collector) is still operating in business and unable to correctly post payments and charge individuals’ accounts for the same fees over and over again.

Debt collectors should not be making mistakes like this and ruining the lives and credit reports of hard working Americans. Also debt collectors should not even be remotely involved in putting together a loan modification for individuals. If this organization cannot even do their own jobs correctly, they should not even process or put together a loan modification for a bank. As of today, June 19th, I am still waiting for a response back on my 3 complaints sent to the Attorney General of Texas, NYS Banking Unit of New York State and Consumer for American Home Mortgage Servicing.

I spoke to an individual at Homeward Residential regarding the late fee assessment on my mortgage statement and informed her that this was rolled over into my loan modification. She continued to proceed and tell me that late fees are not rolled into loan modifications and that they have to be paid separately. I disagreed with her and she continued to tell me I was wrong. I have my loan modification that I signed that shows in black and white the late fee rolled over into my loan modification.

After I stated that I would again file complaints with the 3 organizations, she asked me whether I would like the fax number to the complaint department at Homeward Residential. Are you kidding me? Every small mistake that this organization makes will be taken the route it should be to shut this organization down eventually. This organization is still the same loused up, unorganized, unable to just do simple accounting.

Attached are both mortgage statements and my loan modification indicating that the late fee was rolled over into my loan modification. I want this corrected now! Three years of complaints and disgusted, when will this end?

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