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Working at American Financial Resources

A career with AFR is rewarding and full of opportunity

Here are some experiences our team wanted to share


Laura Brandao, COO

"Why do I love working at AFR? AFR is my extended family. A family that supports each other, protects each other, and is always there to help you. Throughout AFR’s growth, we have been able to keep a family culture that encourages you to take care of our clients and customers because you feel that you are part of the big picture. My joy comes from watching my team grow and flourish and AFR has a done a great job of creating individual growth plans for our team members so they can continue to develop new skills and ultimately obtain their dream position within the company. I feel that success is inevitable at AFR."



Rob Pieklo, CSO/EVP eLEND

"Growth Potential"

"AFR has provided many of our team members the ability to grow. There are no barriers here.   I’ve learned this first hand during my 11 years at this great company. Beginning as a loan originator to Sales Manager to VP of Sales to SVP of Retail to SVP of Capital Markets and now Chief Strategy Officer and EVP of eLEND. Hard work and dedication are rewarded at AFR. The management team is engaged and looking to pave a road to success for our team members. We are led by a team that is on the front lines and not sitting in ivory towers.  AFR promotes a family style culture that makes it an amazing place to work and grow. That is difficult to find in this industry."



Shari Marchal, Wholesale Underwriting Manager

"Working at AFR over the last 8 years has been a life-changing experience, not only because of the family atmosphere and philosophy but because you can really blossom in your career. AFR will take your existing skills and encourage you to reach for your own personal career goals.

Throughout my own career path with AFR, I have grown from an FHA underwriter to an Underwriting Team Lead and now, I am the Wholesale Underwriting Manager. As you can see, recognizing employee skills and promoting from within is a key factor in AFR’s philosophy.

I have always been treated with respect by all of my colleagues, which adds to making this such an enjoyable place to work.

The underwriters love that we offer an array of products and we are consistently adding new products to our matrix. This not only gives us a competitive edge in the market but encourages the underwriters to expand their knowledge.

Management always encourages suggestions and feedback from our underwriting staff, so changes can be implemented to better our processes and procedures, because AFR

Senior Management understands the hard work and achievements of their employees, promotes high energy and is an exciting place to work.

AFR provides a significant amount of resources for our underwriting new hires, which includes our remote employees, such as training in our corporate office, followed by an intensive, hands-on underwriting training with our Underwriting Support Manager.

Overall, AFR is a great place to work.  A warm and encouraging environment with a real family atmosphere!"

undefined Glenda Cortezano, VP of Funding

"This is my 11 thyear with AFR and I still love working here. Through these years, I have witnessed the strength and dynamic growth of the company while other mortgage companies were either shrinking or shutting their doors. It’s a great workplace where everyone is given the opportunity to shine and be recognized for the dedication, excellent performance, and hard work.  It was founded by a brilliant man full of integrity and is surrounded by reputable partners and members of a committee who listen and care not only for the needs of valued clients & customers but also for the welfare of all employees. A friendly and happy atmosphere abounds. Build your career here and you’ll be glad and proud you belong to a company where you’d probably want to work until you retire knowing it’s geared towards one direction… continued advancement, innovation, and success."

Frank Pidoto,  Production Manager

"When I think of AFR, I think of an extended family. It’s not often that you find a job that you not only love to do but where you also enjoy the people that work for the company as well. I am not a young employee just starting my career, so I have worked for a few companies and I can tell you that this company is special. I am one of the wholesale production managers and I can walk into one of the owner’s offices at any time during the day with a question. They always have their doors open. You are always taken seriously and listened to with undivided attention. In our managers meeting, you are encouraged to talk about anything that can make the company run smoother, make the process easier, or make AFR an even better place to work.

For example, during one of our managers meetings a team member was talking about how important family is, and before we knew it, we started to talk about our customers and how they are also like family. As a result, when we talk about a customer we always add “family” to the end of it, like the “Smith Family”. Great idea, and implemented immediately when we walked out of that meeting. Tell me, who is lucky enough to work for a company like this?"

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