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American Liberty Mortgage

American Liberty Mortgage is a Massachusetts based mortgage lender.  The company was founded in 1993 by a woman named Nancy J. Rossi.  The industry was going through a great deal of consolidating and merging at that time, so Rossi founded her company.  She believed that the people of Massachusetts needed a fresh and efficient mortgage originating and processing company.

Although American Liberty offers a wide variety of mortgage transactions, their focus is on the first time homebuyer.  This is the largest buyer market in the industry, and American Liberty has products especially designed to make their leap from renting to buying more feasible.

American Liberty Mortgage is notorious for offering their customers excellent customer service.  Their underwriting technology and ability to accommodate alternative documentation makes them capable of making extremely fast mortgage decisions.  They guarantee that no other lender, broker, or bank in the industry will offer you a loan faster than them.

Loans Funded By American Liberty Mortgage

  • Fixed Rate Mortgage
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • First Time Homebuyer
  • Jumbo Mortgage—A Jumbo Mortgage is a loan that exceeds the conventional loan amount as determined by Fannies Mae an Freddie Mac.  This loan is used to buy larger, more expensive properties.
  • Refinance
  • Second Mortgage
  • Primary Residence
  • Second Home—This loan program is designed to help you buy the city apartment/beach house/cabin in the woods that you’ve

    always dreamed of having.

  • Investment Property—Investing in property can be very lucrative.  An investment property loan can help you buy additional property.
  • Cash Out Refinance—A Cash Out Refinance kills two birds with one stone: it allows you to refinance for a lower rate/more favorable terms and take some extra cash out.
  • Debt Consolidation—Credit Cards, Mortgage Payments, Auto Loans: it’s easy to rack up debt these days.  If you find yourself drowning in debt, consider consolidating it.  You’ll pay everything off faster and you’ll save tons on interest rates.

More About American Liberty Mortgage

American Liberty Mortgage can offer you instant pre-qualifications online.  Pre-qualifications are extremely helpful because they let you know exactly how much money you can spend on your home; it makes the risk of falling in love with a house you can’t afford much slimmer.  Once you view your pre-qualification statement, you can request a pre-qualification letter.  This letter will strengthen your buying power; sellers are more likely to seriously consider your offer if they see you have the funds to follow through.

This site is not a broker and does not collect or solicit mortgage applications. Content is for informational or comparison purposes only. Services are not available in New York. Products and services may not be available in all other states.

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