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I was to view all reports for what ever was needed for all my investors or clients applications. I loved the ability to call each investor companies to locate missing documentation that was needed for loan to close and be sold.

fun work place with supportive management .decent amount of red tape and politics,but this is is expected of a big company


HEALTHY environment to work

Some really great people to work with. Make sure you have the experience they are looking for from the start because there is very little to no time to ramp up. They are looking for top people as one manager put it the navy seals of the industry. They are all business and no room for errors or learning curves. Just know this going in and it can be a decent place to work if you have the right mentality. Don't expect a pro employee atmosphere because it is not. You can look at other opinions on glassdoor and others they generally say the same. Not a horrible place just know what they expect and give it to them and everything will be fine. They are good at what they do and growing rapidly.


some of the people are great


not a very pleasant work environment.

UAMC is a fun environment to work in. Their procedures are a great asset to the Company. The Loan Officers and Loan Officer Assistant make the environment enjoyable.

Intern. I learned about the mortgage business. I reviewed and audited homebuyer information.

Review Home Loans, Analyze asset Document, Taxes,

and create closing documents.


Great People, Great Pay, and its feels like a family environment

We were required to work long hours to get the loans closed. Loans were slammed into closing at the last minute, which was very stressful.


Our center manager brought us a ton of candy at the end of the month to keep us going.


Working late at night.

I was to able to work independently and was trusted that I was going to get my work completed without being micro managed. The company offered a lot of webinars for training and also had a great team to support each other. The most enjoyable part of the job was the reward I got when I helped someone get into their new house.


Great group of people to work with


Not good job stabilty if the economy is slow

The pay was pretty good...but turn arounds and layoffs are high and Management likes to "pick their favorites". They even went as far as to have "closed" loans put in someone elses name so they would get the credit for it. If you need pay and can handle the horrible management then go for it but if you need something stable and that doesn't want to make you pull your hair out then I would stay far away.


Horrible Management, don't understand life outside of work, not flexible, demeaning

Great Place to work with a high team spirit. Training is great and relevant to job


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