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American Fidelity Mortgage Services, Inc. Bloomingdale

Brenda Waugh, Attorney at Law, L.C.
I am writing to request your firm's service to prepare and negotiate a Sale Agreement. Thank you for your consideration of my request. 4 days ago
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Suplementos de nutrición 3 weeks ago
Leal Law Firm, Matt R. Leal, Esq.
Terrible and Unethical Lawyer 3 weeks ago
This "lawyer" is an absolute joke.  After seeking legal advice regarding elder law, and attempting to start some paperwork, I was promptly "blown off" after giving Mr. Leal a deposit. My many attempts to contact him were unanswered, and when I did finally reach him, I discovered NOTHING had been done after TWO MONTHS!! I was shocked, especially after my numerous and varied attempts at contact. I immediately asked for my files, and have since found an attorney who answers the phone, returns messages, and above all, doesn't STEAL deposits from clients whilst doing nothing. After some investigation into Mr. Matt Leal, I found many things. The things I found are a matter of public record, and the others are "reputation." Apparently, Mr. Leal attempted to modify and build illegally on a property he owns in Los Gatos. Code Enforcement had to cite and fine him in order to get him to comply. I believe this is a breech of his ethical oath, as lawyers are held to a higher standard than the general public. Considering this IS HIS AREA OF LAW, it's absurd to claim ignorance, so he willfilly broke the law. Now, I ask, would you want this person to represent you, knowing he's this dishonest?  Many people wanted to remain anonymous, but report heavy drug and alcohol abuse, as well as associations with drug dealers. Additionally, I discovered Mr.

Leal has a habit of leaving his clients personal files in public places. These files are known to have sensitive information on them, such as SS#'s. Many of his clients seem to be non-english speaking individuals, and are in no situation to understand, or feel they might have recourse for the disastrous council (if you can call it that) Mr. Leal provides. You'll notice, after quite a few years of practice, he has almost NO REVIEWS. My advice to those seeking a lawyer, run the other way from the Leal Law Firm, AND make sure whomever you choose has verifiable reviews. Just because a lawyer has no complaints on his state bar record, doesn't mean none were ever filed! 3 weeks ago
Edmond Auto Brokers
If you have any 300.00 down cars leaved 3 weeks ago
Ogden Station
The phone number given is NOT for the frontrunner. It is a personal phone number 1 month ago
The phone number given is NOT for the frontrunner. It is a personal phone number 1 month ago
Gil's Barber Shop
Will you cut my hair if I show you a picture of how I want it just wondering 1 month ago
I need to enrolled my 8 months old to your day care and after school for my 6years old daughter 1 month ago
Arenas Caraveo Armando
Doctor soy una paciente suyas desde hace Como 36 anos atraz. 1 month ago
Todavia viene a el paso tx. 1 month ago
Pompano Beach Nursing Assistant Training-CPR-HHA-CNA-ACLS- Security School
Cpr class this week 1 month ago
my amazon store
Do amazon bookstore carry movies DVD? 1 month ago

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