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39 FRANKLIN AMERICAN MORTGAGE complaints and reviews @ Pissed Consumer


We financed a new construction home with them and were informed that escrow would over fund due to how real estate taxes were collected. We were told not to worry as would be refunded at year end. We looked online at the start of the year and saw the refund check had been cut and mailed, as stated, at year's end. However, this is when the lies and poor service started. On January 10 we emailed to inform FA that the check was not received. We...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

About half of the customer service representatives are terrible. You can tell the moment they answer if they are going to be helpful by the tone of their voice. Now it is to the point to where if I get a bad one, I hang up and call back right away. I actually got one of them to yell at me within 30 seconds. Even if I was a ***, that is saying something. Unfortunately mortgage rates have gone up and I can't change to another company. I would not...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

This is the crappiest company I have ever delt with my problem are all over the place 1st the claims department. In aug 2016 I had a water leak called my insurance company had a check mailed to me in week GREAT had to endorse it and send it to my mortgage company, ok not one bit of guidance from the mortgage company except right a letter saying you will do the work (I'm a licensed general and HVAC contractor and have my own business) 2 weeks and...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

Customer service ask me the same questions over and over every month I call in to make a payment, like pulling teeth to get one payment proccessed. I fell behind after a terrible aut accident which I was hospitlized for a week and out of work for 11 weeks. Therefore I fell behind 3 payment. sine then I have to call in to make the payment every month. I have caught 2 of the payment up and am currently 1 payment behind, but I still cannot make the...Read more › Was this review helpful? 10

This is one of the most frustrating companies to work with. I had a tree fall on my house in August and they hijacked my insurance money so I can't just get the work done and pay the contractors. I have to get their approval and send in tons of paperwork for everything being repaired it's annoying but not even the

most frustrating thing about them. They didn't do anything unless I called and asked. For example, they had all the paperwork for...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

They have stolen over 2000 dollars from us and will NOT return. We have no account with them. WE have been working over 40 days to get our money back. They will not return calls anymore. We have contacted attorney general but still nothing. They arent our mortgage company. At first they said they received money now they said they never got it and wont talk to us. I dont know what else to do and we have a real mortgage to pay. We cant just be out...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

I have owned five homes, initiating mortgages with different lenders and most of those were sold on the secondary market, so I've dealt with a few mortgage companies. These people are the absolute worst. They bought our mortgage from another company and failed to pay our taxes out of escrow on time. Shortly after their failure to do their job a line item appeared on our bill titled "city, utility" for an additional $45.66. When we called the...Read more › Was this review helpful? 20

Both of my parent passed away in 3 months and I am the executor of their estate. Their mortgage was with Franklin American and the company was the worst to work with. I went through probate fast ( 3 weeks) just to talk to them and made sure I did my part to make sure this process was easy. They made it extremely hard. After sending in all my documentation, it took them 6-7 weeks and 3 phone calls just to get the documents I needed sent to...Read more › Was this review helpful? 30

I refinanced with Franklin American back in 2014. The mortgage officer gave me a rate of 3.65 % but when I went to closing the rate was now 3.75% , we tried to call the mortgage officer but he wouldn’t answer his phone he would only respond via email and said the rate was 3.75%, he basically was saying tough luck. I decided to go ahead and sign the loan papers even though I thought what Franklin American had done was very unprofessional to say...Read more › Was this review helpful? 11

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  • Jul 08, 2016
  • by anonymous
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