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Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinancing, FHA Refinance Home Equity Loans

Free your life of debt with fixed rate mortgage refinancing
from American Home Equity Loans

Find a refinance, home equity loan or set up a line of credit today. Welcome to American Home Equity Loans, a trusted source from Orange County, California that matches people with stellar mortgage providers across the country. A.H.E. will help you find an array of mortgage brokers and respected banking institutions. Whether you need fixed rate refinancing or a home mortgage, American Home Equity Loans can help you shop and compare home refinancing programs that have a proven track record.

Compare lending companies that extend several mortgage refinance programs designed to improve the specific individual needs for homeowners who may be overpaying for their mortgage. Find companies that offer home equity loan refinancing, revolving lines of credit, home improvement loans, second mortgages and debt consolidation mortgage opportunities.

FHA refinance loans now allow a cash out refinance program up to 85% LTV! FHA streamline refinancing is a unique program that allows borrowers who already have an FHA loan to refinance to a better interest rate. What makes this FHA program truly unique is that there is no appraisal and no income documentation required. The FHA streamline gives borrowers with no equity and income problems a second chance to refinance.

Learn how to qualify for a home equity loan refinance payment that is more affordable and secure because of the fixed mortgage rate. Get info on a second refinance with an interest rate that you will feel comfortable with bragging to your friends about at your next office party.

  1. Applicants are not required to provide their social security number.
  2. Look for No Income Mortgage Options with our Prime Rate Program
  3. Refinance 1st and 2nd mortgage loans with your credit card interest
  4. No appraisal loan programs under the streamline with VA and FHA.
  5. Refinance Underwater Home Loans with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  6. No up-front loan fees with conventional or FHA refinancing applications
  7. Learn About Debt Consolidation Choices for lower monthly payments
  8. Fixed rate mortgage refinancing programs
  9. FHA Refinance Loans with No Pre-Pay Penalties
  10. Get Terms for Interest Only Home Equity Line of Credit
Fixed Mortgage Refinancing

Loans for a Mortgage Refinance: Interest rates have risen, but all in all they are still considered very minimal. Submit a request for a new mortgage on your home, which may include paying off your existing mortgage with the loan proceeds, obtaining cash, or consolidating bills and other loans. If you are self-employed, you may qualify for a no income mortgage loan. We can help you find a mortgage company so that you can discuss requirements and eligibility for these types of loans.

FHA Mortgage Refinance: HUD has introduced several new FHA mortgage loans that enable FHA customers to streamline their rate and mortgage payments for more savings. FHA also offers the rate and term refinance, cash out refinance and the Hope for Homeowners loan program for borrowers who have high adjustable interest rates. As a seasoned FHA lender we can assure you that mortgage rates are low and the loans are insured by the U.S. government.

Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit: American Home Equity Loans gives applicants the choice of fixed or ARM rate home mortgages. If you would like to see your bill balances go down, then the time to refinance is today. If you aren't sure how much cash you will need, let competitive home equity loan lenders provide you with more info and a side by side analysis.

2nd Mortgages have been extremely difficult to qualify for, but we have the bank partnership to deliver you a no equity loan. Get the cash you want to redecorate your house or landscape your yard. Home loan interest rates are usually less than high-interest-rate credit card accounts.

Debt Consolidation Choices: American Home Equity Loans bridges homeowners with lenders that offer personalized refinance or home equity loans that include cash back options to consolidate credit card debt. Find out if a consolidation mortgage would lower your monthly payment and possibly gain valuable tax advantages. Debt Consolidation Loans potentially could help you pay off high-interest balances, replacing them with one lower monthly payment.

Home Improvement: Remodel the kitchen, paint your house, or landscape your yard to increase the value of your home. American Home Equity Loans can help you finance home construction and home improvement projects so that you do not have to come out of pocket. Home improvement loans are not easy to find, so take advantage of our home

equity expertise.

No Income Home Equity Loans: Is your income difficult to prove? Research no income mortgage programs and stated income home equity loans that at what time did not require the standard income documentation (like W2's). This loan program typically requires high credit scores. (Most stated income loan products have been placed on hold. Talk to a lender about income documentation and requirements.)

By clicking "Apply Now" or "Submit" you agree to have your info shared with one to four lending and other business partners and for them to contact you (including autodialing, text & pre-recorded messaging) via telephone, mobile device, sms, email, even if your telephone number is currently listed on any state, federal or corporate Do Not Call list.

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Ways to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Save money when you pay off credit card debt. You can throw the reminders in the blender or chuck them into a garbage can, but that won't make the debt go away. Debt hovers like a carrion bird over a dying beast, costing you more than 18% compounded monthly, month in and month out. You can't wish it away. But you can pay it down with determination, our free How To Get Out of Debt online guide, and the good graces of a few wealthy relatives (see tip No. 5). Here are nine ways to get out of debt:

1. Pay more than the minimum

First, break the habit of only paying the minimum required each month. Paying the minimum -- usually 2% to 3% of the outstanding balance -- only prolongs the agony. Besides, it's precisely what the banks want you to do. The longer you take to repay the charges, the more interest they make, and the less cash you have in your pocket. Don't play their selfish game.

Instead, bite the bullet and pay as much as you can each month. If your minimum payment is $100, double that to $200 or more. Examine your normal expenses -- you can find the money. (For a gazillion ideas, check out our Living Below Your Means discussion board.) Skip eating out at lunch, and bring it from home instead. Eliminate desserts. Give up happy hour. We all have "luxuries," and you know what yours are.

Make a few sacrifices, and you will find the extra dollars needed to increase your debt repayments dramatically. Those increased payments will save you hundreds, if not thousands, in interest payments. Plus, you will get out of the hole you've dug for yourself much more quickly. Is it fun? No. But it sure beats living a hand-to-mouth existence, fearing bills each month.

2. Snowball your debt payments

Take a long, hard look at all your credit cards. Pay particular attention to the one with the lowest interest rate. Have you reached the maximum limit on that card? If not, consider transferring a higher interest bill to that one. Many credit cards permit this, and it's positively Foolish to trade an 18% debt for one at 12% at any time.

If your entire balance is too large to fit on one low-interest rate card, pay at least the minimum amounts due on all of your cards except one. Funnel the majority of your debt repayments into that one credit card, and pay it off as quickly as possible. When the balance on that card reaches zero, move on to the next with the same aggressive repayment plan.

Another way to transfer higher interest debt to a lower-interest card is to take advantage of the promotional offers many banks use to entice you to their line of credit. You've seen the come-ons. "Transfer all your credit card balances to us, and pay just 5.9% until January 1, 2003." It could be worth it. Moving to 5.9% from 18% interest could mean substantial dollars to you. And the money saved in interest could then be applied toward the principal each month, thus reducing your outstanding debt balance even further.

Take care, though, before you act. Examine the offer closely. Look for the hooks. Will the interest rate after the introductory period be higher than you're paying now? If so, you may have to switch again at that time. That, in turn, could give rise to another surprise.

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