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Bank of America Mortgages

Crooked, FRAUD, dishonest bank. Not to be trusted bank! I read reviews, the millions who've suffered under the bank's own choice rules. Crooked, fraud + dishonest practices, will best describe my horrid and still continuing experience with BoA. Really? Really! Here goes... Had a condo. I'd occasionally take a small mortgage and pay off with BoA since 1989, owned free and clear. Come Aug. 2005 I decided to purchase a subsequent home (my cash) bought at height of economic boom. Come Sept. 2006, while vacationing, a "eager beaver mortgage co." per BoA (you know... from Countrywide?)... We signed papers yet didn't receive till 2 mos. later, the over inflated appraisal, pics clearly on condo, they produced.

BoA's right hand pretends not to know what their left hand is dipping into, indulging themselves, as their CEO. The hard earned cash I'd paid for my home, unrelated to condo, did have a credit line, I took through BoA, that I'd build up, pay off, build and pay... till? By 2009 I became suspect, smelling fraud... BoA pulling a bait and switch to compensate their own pockets, noting the condo with home's legal (still not corrected, mortgage at condo paid, making my home worthless)!

If a attorney take this case, BoA has yrs. of knowledge, is intrinsic fraud (prefer an expert on BoA antics). Per judicial ruling, their disgusting effort to do a slanderous summary judgment, Judge DENIED. I am legally blind and have complained to Attorney General's Office. In spite of, BoA rules to a tune of their own. I'm sick of it!

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I had lived in my home for 12 yrs, without any problems, always made payments on time, never had a claim (Info. When I bought my house my lender was not with BofA, but through the yrs it changed from my original lender to a couple different one and I ended up with them). I bought my house in 1999. In 2010, due marriage problems my husband move out which left me without a second income. I called numerous times to see what I could do to keep my house. BTW I am hearing impaired and not hear on the phone when people answer with accents, or some people I just can't what are saying. I explained that to them. I asked if they could send info to me through the mail, or email me. They do neither of that.

After another many calls and

also giving them my daughters number to talk to her, she has great hearing, knows what is going on with financial problems eat. They call once and told my daughter to call them. Anyways after months and farther behind in payments, I get a packet in the mail to apply for hardship. Did that, sent papers they requested. After waiting 30 days I call and they weren't sure what I was talking about and was assigned to an agent. He sent me another hardship packet. I filled it out and there was a convention thing on in PYLD OR, so my daughter and I went to it so I could some answers in person.

It ended up being a number, different stations where people look through packet to make sure you had all paperwork filled out. Yes I did have all my paperwork and I left my folder with them and said they would contact me within a month. No reply from them, phone calls start again, new packet arrives for hardship.

In 2012 I got a notice that my house was being put up for auction. I was freaking out and thought needed to move out. I moved out, and then I get a letter saying my house was not being put up for auction after all. Long story short I talk to an attorney. They told to "move into the house. You should never move out the house when through foreclosure". This was my first house. I don't the rules or games they play. 3 months before moving out my husband had a stroke in June 2012. Sept 2012 I'm thinking I gotta get my things out of my house. Stressed out over everything. Still nothing from BofA.

Sept 2012 (3 months later), my husband passed away, complication from his stroke. So dealing with that and house, I quit trying to save it. My house has been vacant for 5 yrs. They still not foreclosed on it. I have contacted recently to see what was taking so long. Their excuse is "it's a long process." 5 yrs? Come on. I cannot even attempt to buy a house until this one is out of my name. Also there is a 3 yr waiting after. Nobody to talk to in person. What do I do. I am stuck in limbo. How do I move on with my life? I get statement each month still. They charge me for mowing the grass, and for whatever the hell want. I told them to "take it, sell it. I don't care, just get name of it." Who do you turn to for help? Anybody have answers. Maybe I should move back in and not pay damn thing until they do something about it.

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