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Sun American Mortgage Company

Very easy to do business with and very professional

I found this company on the internet which I was skeptical but called and Parker answered the phone and was very helpful, came out to my Mothers house, was punctual, very informative on all the information we needed to know. Everything went so smooth which in this day and age does not happen anymore. We have closed on the reverse mortgage and life is much easier for my mother and myself. I will recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a reverse mortgage.

We found Parker Turk to be knowledgeable and informative. We would recommend him to others who are inquiring about a Reverse Mortgage.

Refinancing an Existing Reverse Mortgage

A friend of mine called Sun American Mortgage Company regarding a Reverse Mortgage and I happened to be available at the time of their meeting. We got to discussing options regarding refinancing a reverse mortgage as I already had one in place. Parker gave me detailed instructions regarding costs and savings which would allow me to take more equity out of my home as the values had increased considerably since the original reverse mortgage. It was a very smooth transition done extremely professionally. I would highly recommend both Parker Turk and Sun American Mortgage!

Excellent Knowledge of the Products, Accessible

My wife and I spent our professional careers as technical writers. So, we never finalize anything involving money without digging into every document, and asking questions. Parker was fully knowledgeable about the products and the documents involved. Given the association of the products with HUD, familiarity on a high level is impressive. Also impressive was Parker's availability. Being so accessible to your clients definitely rates that 5th star.

Parker Turk

I was so fortunate to have Parker to guide me through the maze of reverse mortgage. I know now that I have successfully moved into my new house, I could not have made it without Parker and his knowledge about reverse mortgage/ , Also, his temperament, Always calm , always consistant , and always there when I had a problem or questions. Also very professional and very patient with me . I am a great grandma , and I have raised a lot of children and I just want to say Parker is one of the finest young men I have ever met. A pleasure to do business with such a fine organization. Also I am beginner on the computer , forgive the grammer mistakes Yours Truly, Thresia Ryan 2049 w. Gloria ln 85085

Friendly, informative, abd helpful

Great support on a project that was very new to us. He took the stress out of it

Reverse Mortgage

Parker Turk was well prepared and patiently explained the process to us. He answered all our questions in such a way that it was easy for us to understand how the mortgage works, what it could do for us, what we needed to be sure of before making the decision, and then going forward with our decision.

Personable. Knowledgeable. Courteous

We had requested information about a reverse mortgage from several companies. We felt most comfortable with Parker Turk. He answered our questions to our satisfaction and was able to share information that helped us to make a decision that was right for us. He explained the counseling and gave us information and references. We were aware of all the points covered in the counseling session because Parker had covered the information with us previous to the counseling session. We're very happy with the outcome and.the timeliness was perfect.

Reverse Mortage

Parker and his team were great to work with. Their integrity cheerfulness and experience made this a good choice to be with this company.

Parker was great. Polite, professional, answered all concerns and questions promptly. I recommend him without reservation.

Very professional and Helpful

My Wife and I just completed the Reverse Mortgage program with Sun America. Our Mortgage Rep. was Parker Turk. I wish all my transactions, I completed through the years, were as pleasant and stress free as this one. Parker Turk answered all our questions in a timely manner and never pressured us to close the deal. In fact, Mr Turk did not proceed until we understood all the aspect of a Reverse Mortgage, and he was confident with our understanding of the process. I would do business with Sun American again, and would feel comfortable recommending this Company and the Reverse Mortgage program to anyone.

Great service, professional in every way

I used Parker Turk and Sun American to get a reverse mortgage. Every step of the process was done in a timely and professional manner. My questions were answered completely and promptly and I was kept abreast of the process start to finish. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.


Parker was very pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. I certainly would recommend him and his Company in the future.

reverse mortgage

was very pleased with sun American. Parker Turk was great in explaining everything and taking time to answer all our questions. He was always available if we called. We are so glad we went with Sun American Mortgage

-Kenneth and Nancy . 1/30/2016

Extremely professional and very high quality service

Sun American Mortgage is a very professional company that instills trust in their ability. My agent, Parker Turk, was very professional, knowledgeable and available to answer any of my questions at any time. Mr. Turk is an asset to Sun American Mortgage. He made what could have been a stressful situation run smoothly for me and I am grateful for his ability.

Our Re-Fi experence

I had heard ads for Sun American on KFYI Although I was somewhat dubious, I called for information. I first spoke with Parker Turk on the phone and the result of that call was to set up an appointment to meet at our home. An appointment was made for a time convenient to us but I am sure it was after "working hours" for Parker. Prior to meeting with him I gave the information I had received via phone, to my long time CPA . Hr listened and said : "It is a no brainer, go ahead" Parker arrived and with my wife and me went through the whole process, carefully explaining how it worked and answering questios. We decided then and there to go ahead and Parker had brought all the paper work with him, which we signed. Everything went smoothly with the required call and the appraiser. The star of this show was "Jackie ?" who was the Notary who came to the house with all the paper work and walked us through each and every document we had to sign. She was VERY professional and capable! Now that we are done with the process we are very pleased with how it all worked out

quick and professional

covered every thing we needed to know. estimates right on. nice people

Professional, friendly, and trustworthy

We worked with Parker Turk to obtain a reverse mortgage. Parker made the process go smooth by informing us what to expect and possible documents needed. Parker was very communicative all the way to the closing. We felt well taken care of.

Excellent service and information

Parker Turk and his team were very helpful with the reverse mortgage process. He patiently explained the process and requirements, and was flexible with our busy schedule. They processed the paperwork extremely quickly, and were always available for questions.

From the beginning to the end the experience was first rate!


So glad we found Parker Turk. He explained things so that the choice was easy to make. Parker is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Everything was mailed to us, no need to drive anywhere. We would recommend Parker to anyone looking for understanding and obtaining a reverse mortgage.

Great service

After dealing with representative from a competing company, Parker Turk was a breath of fresh air. He was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. He and his company made the process of obtaining a reverse mortgage much faster and easier than we expected.

Two thumbs up for Sun America mortgage company!

I can't say enough good things about Sun America Mortgage Company.5 stars all the way! Parker Turk is a complete professional.It was a pleasure doing business with him.I highly recommend Sun America Mortgage Company to everyone.

Thorough, Professional & Efficient

My entire experience with Parker Turk and Sun American was excellent from start to finish. Would highly recommend them to anyone interested in obtaining a 'reverse mortgage'.

exellent customer service

exellent explanation of RM always answered my questions

Parker, you did a superb job with our transaction. You knew the business at hand which made the whole a process very trustworthy and comfortable. Your support staff was knowledgable and accommodating. What I liked is that you did what you said you were going to do and did it when you said you were going to do it.

Parker reminds me of a young me! Totally a pro and above average! I enjoyed his presentatio . And happy to be his client! May God bless us all!

Great reverse experience

Working with Sun American and Parker Turk was a pleasurable experience. Parker was straight and very knowledgeable. He really knows his business. No stress or anxiety. He made everything go smoothly without a hitch.

Wonderful experience

The Sun America group were very professional informative and pleasant to work with . They kept their word on all aspects . Would recommend them any where

Reverse mortgage

Parker arrive at my house on time and prepared for our meeting. He walked me thru all of the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage. I found him very personable and professional.

All went extremely well

Parker was full of information. We felt we were dealing with a friend. He didn't put any pressure on us and we appreciated that. The details were explained to our understanding. We're glad he was our agent.

Questions answered clearly!

Parker drove all the way from his office in Mesa to Sun City West to help us learn about Reverse Mortgages. He was prepared with lots of printed information as well as verbal explanations which demonstrated his intimate knowledge of this product. He took time to answer our questions, went over the information thoroughly and didn't pressure us in the least. Gave us the 'next steps' we should take should

we want to proceed with obtaining a Reverse Mortgage, and was available via email or phone if we had further questions. As we proceeded through the process, he helped with explaining each step and what to expect coming up and always answered emails or phone calls in a timely fashion.


Everything was perfect; I felt comfortable that all would go right. Thanks

My expeirnce with Parker Turk

I was not sure a Reverse Mortgage was what I needed or wanted. But from the time Parker sit down at my kitchen tabel I felt at ease and knew he as there to help me decide. It was easy to talk to him and ask questions which he answered quicky and in a way I could understand. He made something that was hard for me to do a pleasent expience. I would recomemed Parker to any one that was looking for his service.

Thorough and Helpful!

I can't say enough of our reverse mortgage experience with Sun American and particularly with Parker Turk. Parker was thorough, exact and detailed, all while being friendly, considerate and eager to explain everything in such a way that we could go forward knowing we were in a good place and would be served fairly and expeditiously. The notary who came to our house gave Parker a huge compliment when we told him that Parker was our loan officer. He said that he loved going through the papers with Parker's clients because they had already had such a thorough education into the process that his job was made easier because of it. We're very happy with the service we received from Parker and Sun American Mortgage and would recommend him and his firm to anyone interested in a Reverse Mortgage or any other service provided by them.

You're a star, Parker!

My experience with Parker was only positive! I appreciated his going into great detail with me about the reverse mortgage process and what it entails. He was professional, courteous, and VERY patient. He was highly recommended to me by my financial planner who I have been with for years. Parker made the process pleasant, smooth and brief. I have recommended Parker to several "old" friends who are looking into reverse mortgages. P. S. I have a question Parker, so will call you tomorrow.

Easy as Pie

From start to closing, the reverse mortgage process with Parker Turk was smooth, informative, efficient and expeditious. No snags. Phone calls answered promptly. All questions answered clearly and concisely. Couldn't have been a happier experience. William M.

Reverse Mortgage

My experience with your people was most satisfactory;namely Parker and Dee Ann. They are the face of your firm to me and they should be acknowledged for their efforts in concluding the practical terms of my loan-to our mutual benefit.

Reverse Mortgage

My experience with your people was most satisfactory;namely Parker and Dee Ann. They are the face of your firm to me and they should be acknowledged for their efforts in concluding the practical terms of my loan-to our mutual benefit.

Parker Turk did an exceptional job in Courtesy, Follow-up and Ready to answer any and all questions.. I would recommend ....Sun American Mortgage to a friend.

#1 best place to get a reverse mortgage

Parker Turk will guide you through step by step and save you lots of money on your mortgage. Definitely the best place to get a mortgage, and Parker Turk is #1. Made things very easy to understand. Quick turnaround.

Reverse Mortgage made easy by Parker and DeeAnn

Parker knows the reverse mortgage business like a PRO. Parker and DeeAnn guided us from getting our H.O.A. approved for F H A through the mounds of paperwork like a knife through warm butter. Little things like "Don't give up Glenn we only need one more document" made the whole thing easy as pie.We will recommend these guys in a New York minute. The word needs to get out to older people like us that all that equity is there to be used NOW while we can still use it. Anybody thinking about a reverse mortgage should get ahold of these people and GO FOR IT, they know how to GET THE JOB DONE. Thank You, Parker and DeeAnn. Glenn and Helen Neujahr

-Glenn and Helen . 8/21/2014

Reverse Moetgage

Sun American - Parker - were great at doing my reverse mortgage - all details covered and I am happy with the mortgage as I am still in my own home.


Mr. Parker Turk was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. He was very polite and courteous at all times. He made sure you understood the complete transaction and would answer any questions you had at any time. I would absolutely recommend him highly to friends and family. He is the best in the business!

Parker Turk, Sun American Mortgage

It was the easiest and best mortgage we've ever obtained. Parker was on the ball and handled all of our questions thoroughly and professionally. If you are in the market for a reverse mortgage Parker's the guy you've got to see. You won't regret it. Ralph Laurie Sun City West, AZ


Parker was great to work with, answered all our questions and put us at ease with the process of a reverse mortgage. He was very professional and I would recommend him and this mortgage company to anyone.

Reverse Mortgage

I was very satisfied with the way my reverse mortgage was handled. I appreciated the fact that Parker was able to meet with me and my financial officer to explain the details involved.

Sun American Mortgage - Parker Turk

We contacted Parker to discuss the possibilities of doing a reverse mortgage. After scheduling an appointment Parker came to our home and explained to us how the process works and answered all of our questions. We really appreciated Parker's professionalism, caring approach to our questions, and his desire to work with us to achieve our goals. We're pleased with his commitment to working with us in the manner he did. As well as greatly appreciate the support and help we received from Dee Ann Manganaro at Sun American's underwriting department. Parker is a great professional who brings a great deal of knowledge of a complicated financial product.


Parker Turk and his staff have integrity are honest and extremely professional. These traits are rare in our present day dog eat dog greedy world. I trust Parker 100 percent and would not hesitate recommending his company too anyone seeking a reverse mortgage. The reverse mortgage process is complex but was expertly handled in a professional manner and with very positive results. In my opinion the quality of people involved dictates if I do business or not. Having said that I picked these folks and glad that I did.

Personable and Friendly Service

Parker and everyone at Sun American Mortgage treated me like a neighbor and not like a client. Parker took the time to understand my situation and work out the best way to make everyone satisfied. I would whole heartedly recommend Sun American to anyone looking for a reverse mortgage over any of the nationally advertised companies.

Reverse Mortgage

I was shopping for a reverse mortgage and randomly picked Sun American out of all the listings I found on the internet. I called several companies and three returned my call. Parker was one of those returned phone calls and thank heaven he was available immediately. He came out to my home that afternoon and proposed zero closing costs and step by step instruction on how to quickly close my loan. I would recommend Parker to anyone I know looking for a mortgage. I trust him and his company to do the right thing for me and he will always have my business.

Our Reverse Mortgage Process

Handled by Parker Turk in a professional, patient and friendly manner from start to finish. He has been equally willing to answer questions relating to monthly statements from RMS, Inc. that were not clear to us, and to assist us as needed in the future.

Reverse mortgage loan

Prompt return of phone inquiry. Came to house for informational meeting and explained in detail pros and cons of loan in very plain understandable language as we are seniors and had no prior knowledge of how reverse mortgages work. Paper work was done in a very short time and our questions were answered promptly by the office staff. Everything was done by mail or phone so we never had to travel which was great for us as we don't drive in the city traffice.

-Jim & Mary Ellen . 6/30/2014

It was a pleasure working with Parker. He spent as much time as I needed to go over the program. I am very pleased with his service. Holly Eslinger

I would definitely recommend to a friend

Parker and everyone I had contact with at Sun American was fabulous. Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable and everything was explained in detail. This transaction was a very pleasant experience and a rare one for these days and times. Everything was efficiently handled and completed on-time. The team you put together to do the inspections and/or other services were also efficient and professional. This experience reminded me of the past when people actually cared about doing things right and were respectful of other's needs and their time. Keep up the good work and the great customer service. Susan Price

Saved me a great deal of money!

Parker Turk, my agent was amazing. He was very professional and knowledgeable and made the whole process of getting a reverse mortgage painless. I spoke to many other companies and was shocked to find great differences in deals being offered. I was able to save $15,000. in costs and charges. Not all companies are alike. Sun American was outstanding to deal with. I would recommend them wholeheartedly!

Amazing experience

I can't believe what a good experience this was. Everyone was efficient and professional and we closed quickly, just as promised! I would recommend Sun American to anyone wanting great service.

Amazing experience

I can't believe what a good experience this was. Everyone was efficient and professional and we closed quickly, just as promised! I would recommend Sun American to anyone wanting great service.

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