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48 AMERICAN EQUITY MORTGAGE complaints and reviews @ Pissed Consumer


I started working with this company to re-finance my house. When the process started in the middle of august I was told that it would be finished in the middle of September. I finally started working with another company in the middle of October after I got tired of having to update my information every few days because they couldn't complete their job. Horrible place, they ended up costing me more than I gained from working with them.Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

The most ludicrous process ever for a refi. The two people I started with, left the company before I got rid of this process. I was told the process would take 30 days; 90 days later it was still going on when I finally got rid of them. The underwriting department is unethical at the best. They want information I couldn't get nor did I even have possession of! They screwed up my invoices from my insurance companies. My insurance people...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

This company SUCKS! I started a re-fi loan with them, but when the numbers came out it was all to their benefit. They wanted to lower my current payment by $21.00, add $19,500.00 to my loan and charge me 3 points at $2,000.00 a point. As you know once you re-fi you take on a 30 year loan. I told them I did not want to move forward with the numbers not in my favor and the reviews were terrible. If someone tells you that they can move payment...Read more › Was this review helpful? 10

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  • American Equity Mortgage
  • Jul 29, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #891135

Underwriters made requests that were unethical and illegal.

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  • American Equity Mortgage
  • Jul 25, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #888498

*** poor all around. They will make your life a living ***. They don't know the business, they're lazy, they pass the buck, and did I mention they were *** poor all around? DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS JOKE OF A "COMPANY"

Yes, i have had a bad experience with tjis company, American

Equity Mortgage. I was dealing with Grant Carroll and my paperwork kept getting lost, I had to resend several times. I paid for an appraisal of $500 and I still do not have a copy. I backed out of the loan because I was unsure if I was actually approved or not, loan process was very confusing. This ordeal was about 2 months ago, 3-2016. I have emailed Grant Carroll to please give me...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

Buyers beware, AEM is the worst refinance company ever. I have refinanced and closed on as many as 15 homes and mortgages over last 20 years and this was the worst ever. All sunshine and rainbows but can't close the deal. Very inexperience persons behind all the paper work and they will put you thru the wringer when they are the ones suppose to be the experts when in fact they are just a scam company . Way to much to pay for closing costs,and...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

Loan 15 yr fixed , 3.625% Issue 1 . Agent wouldn't quit insisting that my home would appraise at enough for conventional loan. I knew it wouldn't and It didn't. Had to go FHA. Delays , month in now, new appraisal, escrows and PMI now ,etc. Issue 2. After going FHA sat in agents office and did the math with my wife.Asked about title 184 native american loan. Agent says interest will go up to 4.5% but PMI will drop off after 50 - 60 months....Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

I was just beginning to weigh my options with American Equity Mortgage. I was told that I would have a very high closing rate through FHA so I asked what the specific amount was. I was told it was 1.75%. I asked the amount and she told me she did not know. If I wanted $220,000 it is simple math. I did it myself. So when I told her no thank you as I am not paying that for closing costs, I was told good luck on finding that elsewhere. I...Read more › Was this review helpful? 00

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