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I have to admit, I was hesitant at first because the rates seemed too good to be true. However, today I closed a jumbo refinance within 30 days with hands down the best terms I could find anywhere. Multiple mortgage companies just plain admitted they could not touch the deal American Mortgage Corporation was providing. American Mortgage Corporation has the best documentation/status portals and workflow of any mortgage company I have used before. Going from initial application to lock within 15 minutes with an easy interface to upload documentation. Let's face it, the mortgage process these days are onerous. Regardless if you make $50K or $500K, the underwriters and investors of loans would demand you prove your DNA is actually yours if they legally could.

The most competitive loans also seem to be the ones where the underwriters and investors ask the most repetitive documentation from you. American Mortgage Corporation is no different. But with patience, comes great reward. Hands down the best rates anywhere. As with any company, they are only as good as the representative that provides service to you. They clearly explained the process, set expectations, and was proactive in there communication so I could quickly get the expectation documentation ready to upload. They let me know the timelines and the risks that could affect closing. In the end, they made sure American Mortgage Corporation delivered exactly when they said they would. I could not be happier and would not hesitate to refer others to American Mortgage Corporation.

Category: American mortgage

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