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Sponsored Links (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Places to Get Your Mortgage Loan : From Brokers to bankers to Credit Unions There are plenty of options to ... Continue Reading → It was 1944 when Congress launched the VA Loan Guaranty Program in order to help military folks returning home to buy their own abodes. The Department of Veterans Affairs has provided ... Continue Reading → You Are Looking for Buying Your First Home ? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know Back when my husband and I bought our first home in 1997, I knew little about home buying. It was a charming ... Continue Reading → Well, this term is understandably confusing, because in actuality, most mortgage buydowns don’t result in permanent and long-lasting lower monthly payment these days butonly temporary ... Continue Reading → I’ve recently been reading an interesting book called “Choose Yourself,” which – among other concepts – talks about the author’s belief that not all people should buy into ... Continue Reading → Home Mortgage loan situations can change as often as the wind blows,

but if you still want to lock in a great rate in 2015, don’t despair, you might still be able to do so if you ... Continue Reading → 18 STEPS TO Steps to Buying a House Procuring a home can seem like an arduous process – and I don’t want to lie: Perhaps it can be overwhelming and difficult, based on the complexity ... Continue Reading → If you’re past due or facing foreclosure, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. Home Retention Team may be able to work out a way for you to catch up or minimize the damage to your ... Continue Reading → Before my husband and I were married, we bought our first home together. I say “together,” but I really credit him with saving up the $6,000 or so we needed as a down payment on ... Continue Reading → For a certain amount of years, FHA loans weren’t as popular as they have been previously. However, since 2005, FHA loans have been on the rebound.The Department of Housing & Urban ... Continue Reading →

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