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American Interbanc Mortgage Ratings & Reviews

  • Some decisions are better than others, but the best one I made recently was to chose American Interbanc for refinancing my home! I got a great rate and incredible service from Nancy Hoang and Amanda Villarreal. I did a lot of research before I made a decision and I definitely made the right choice!

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  • I just completed my 20 year refinance with American Interbanc Mortgage, more specifically working closely with Nancy Hoang and Alexandria Desjardins. There were totally awesome! They answered all my questions very promptly, worked around my vacation time, and offered a very competitive rate that other lenders could not match. I highly recommend them!

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  • Absolutely smooth experience from front to end. The process was handled 100% online which made the document gathering even easier. Will use them again in the future.

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  • They were able to lock in a great refy rate with reasonable fees quickly, but they seemed slow in processing even after all the underwriting approval had been done, which left

    about a week and a half to get closed. So, because they were slow, they charged me a rate extension fee of $518 to take care of them being about three business days late to close. Would recomm end steering clear, and finding a good rate with a mortgage company that can process a loan within the 30 day lock period. No response to repeated requests to explain ... Read More

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  • What an easy way to refi and great competitive costs/rates. Even friends of mine who are mortgage brokers wouldn't give me this good of a deal. Monalisa Nguyen and Laura Foster from AmericanInterbanc made our refinance process very easy. Communications were handled mainly via emails and they are very quick to respond and handle anything. They both were very thorough w ith all communications and were always available to answer even the most basic of questions. And what a painless process for handling documents, so much easier to e-sign documents through their loan application website versus the old school print, sign, and scan that we had to do during a previous refinance . Thanks you ... Read More

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