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Chase mortgage

Chase Bank Foreclosure Process, Loan and Mortgage Modification Programs

Chase is known to have one of the most complicated application processes for a loan modification. They are known to be strict when it comes to this and only a few are approved. Those who are aiming to have a loan modification under chase need to be responsible enough to know what they need. They key is to be prepared for the application of the loan modification. You should know what kind of loan modification program will fit your situation prior to processing the application. Be prepared with the requirements and submission of documents. Plus, you even have to be the one to follow-up the application.

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Should I let my 2nd Mortgage Charge off?

I obtained 2 mortgages with Chase when I bought my home. For reasons beyond my control, we’ve been behind on payments. I am working out the Making Home Affordable Obama plan on my first mortgage which will allow us to make payments that are affordable, however my second mortgage is not eligible for the plan. I have tried on 6 separate occasions to modify both of my loans through Chase, but each time they “lose” my paperwork or they never receive my faxes, or its been referred to a new department and they don’t transfer documents between departments.

Category: Chase mortgage

Chase Short Sale Pack

1 Comment 0 Likes Statistics Notes Be the first to like this 1. SHORT SALE INFORMATION PACKET In order for us to evaluate your Short Sale request, you must complete this packet, sign in all the required places and fax or mail it to Chase with the required documentation. Please keep a copy of everything you send to us for your records. This packet contains the following: 1. Required Documentation Checklist – Detailed list of the documents you must send to us in addition to the packet a. From You, the Borrower and Co-borrower b. From Your Real Estate Agent 2.

Category: Chase mortgage

J.P. Morgan Online - Log on

Friday, February 10, 2017 14:40 ET Welcome to J. P. Morgan OnlineSM New to J. P. Morgan Online? Enroll Today Benefits of J. P. Morgan Online J. P. Morgan OnlineSM offers you one-click access to help you monitor your accounts, follow the markets, read the latest research and pay your bills. We've designed our site to help you simplify your finances—and manage your banking and investing—in ways that save you time and provide you with greater convenience and control.  / System Requirements General: Internet access A modem (56 kbps or higher recommended) or broadband connection A browser that supports 128-bit strong encryption The browser needs to accept cookies from our site or you won't be able to log in.

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What Is a Purchase Money Second Mortgage Loan? | eHow

The exact date and time that a loan records in the county recorder's office is the only thing that determines whether a mortgage is a first mortgage or a second mortgage. If the first mortgage is paid in full prior to the second mortgage, the second mortgage becomes the new first mortgage. If two loans originate at the same time, one lender must agree, in writing, to allow the other lender to record his loan first. If a loan is used to purchase a property and it is the primary source of funds for the purchase, it will become a purchase money first mortgage.

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JP Morgan Chase Customer Service Phone Number - Official Path

Editorial Staff (January 20, 06:28 PM)   Comments (0) Opinions:LEBLANC, Tyner Frankel, BULLOCK & 5 others mark this topic'true' , you may mark it. . . Find phone number & contact information of JP Morgan Chase to get connected to customer service department helpline ‘800-392-5749 ’ of JP for some technical support to solve your issue on live with customer service representative. To get connected to human just dial the phone number of JP Morgan Chase and follow the prompts to have a talk with official CSO appointed by Morgan just dial the helpline given below.

Category: Chase mortgage

Current Mortgage Home Loan Rates at Chase Bank (1/8/2014)

The mortgage shoppers who intend on visiting the local branches of JP Morgan Chase Bank (NYSE: JPM) on January 8, 2014, for picking up ideal home financing options, will find no absolute change in the benchmark 30 year fixed mortgage interest rates. However, for acquiring the variable rate financing deals, the borrowers can enjoy some savings in terms due to the reduced interest costs this Wednesday. A closer look into the newly published home loan information from the mortgage lender will reveal that the standard, long term, 30 year fixed rate mortgage products are being traded at the same interest rate of 4.

Category: Chase mortgage

Chase Home Finance, Llc - Mortgage fraud/scam

We bought our home in 1996 and our mortgage was sold to Chase Mortgage Company. We paid our mortgage with this company for 10 years with no problems. In 2004, both my husband and I lost our jobs - but we were still paying our mortgage. In August of 2005, we received a notice from Chase Home Finance, LLC, stating that we were eligible for re-financing at a lower interest rate. We decided to take this offer as our current payment was going up to $1100 a month and our rate was at 8%. It was the worst decision we have made! From the very beggining, everything the agent told us turned out to be lies.

Category: Chase mortgage

JPMorgan Chase Reps 'Not Aware' Of Mortgage Settlement, Says Housing Advocate

Mira Tanna, a housing advocate in Orlando, Fla. , doesn't expect everyone to know the details of the recently announced $25 billion mortgage settlement, but she was taken aback, she said, when two JPMorgan Chase employees who work directly with homeowners recently told her that they were not aware of the deal nor of their bank's pledge to consider principal reduction for underwater borrowers. A key provision of the national settlement, which resolves an investigation into wrongful foreclosures and other abuses in the "servicing" of home loans, requires Chase and four other big banks to write off about $10 billion in mortgage debt for underwater borrowers through principal reductions.

Category: Chase mortgage

Chase Mortgage

I have had my bank accounts and mortgage held through Chase since Washington Mutual succumbed to the mortgage and banking crisis of 2008. I refinanced my mortgage in 2012, and was treated with the utmost courtesy, the process was easy, and I got a better interest rate. So, when I decided to remodel and upgrade my home, getting a home equity line of credit should not be a problem, right? WRONG. My local loan officer was pleasant enough, but it soon became apparent that he was going to be no more use than a shoulder to cry on throughout this horrendous process.

Category: Chase mortgage

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