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FirstBank Ratings & Reviews

  • Paul Maloney was my Loan Officer. He did an excellent job and instructing me as to what documents we needed next. His customer service skills rated A*. He encouraged me to hang in there when my patience had run out. I thank you Mr. Maloney

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  • In order to find a reverse mortgage company to compare with a local company that had been recommended to us by a bank loan officer we used the Internet. As a result of this people from three different companies contacted us. One was Shannon Moreno of FirstBank Mortgage Partners.. On August 6, 2013 we chose the local company because we really liked the man who came toour house. However, after four months we had two unresolved issues. One was the amount of money we would get in our pocket was $7,000.00 less than we had been told it would be when we made the application. The other was we felt the appraisal of our property was too low but had been unsuccessful in getting the appraiser to increase the appraisal. We were told that the only way to change the appraisal would be to appeal it. After we made the application Shannon contacted us a few times to see how we were and how the application was progressing. When she called in early December we told her we were not happy with the appraisal and that we had been working for weeks gathering data for an appeal. She offered to review our appraisal we said we would really appreciate her doing that. On the afternoon of December 17, 2013 she called and said she had reviewed the appraisal and understood our concerns but did not think we could get the appraisal changed in time to close and fund the mortgage by the 30th. She informed us that we were two weeks away from December 30th when our application would expire and we would have to make a new application. She told us that under the 2014 rules we could only draw out half of the mortgage amount in the first year rather than the full amount if the mortgage could be funded in 2013. After some discussion she said if we could get our application transferred to them she would try very hard to close by the 30th. We asked her if she could get us the money we thought we should get. She said that amount fluctuates weekly and she would try her best to get her boss to approve that amount, which was about $7,000.00 more than that week's chart said it should be. We quickly decided to let her take over the application. First we had to get the application transferred from the local company. When I talked with our local mortgage advisor he told us he did not think that Shannon could

    do everything she would need to do in the time remaining before the December 30, 2013 deadline but he said they would transfer it. When Shannon started working on the transfer papers she was told that the local company required the appraisal to be paid for before they would transfer the application. (If we had stayed with the local company the appraisal would have been paid for at settlement.) Once the application had been transferred Shannon was surprised to find that there was a lot more that needed to be done that should have already been done. The other company had never told us that we needed to do the following: 1. Get a survey done to determine if we were in a flood plane. We were. 2. Get flood insurance. 3. Increase the flood insurance because the policy did not have the required amount 4. Get our current property insurance approved 5. Increase the property insurance to the required amount. 6. Sign the reverse mortgage papers and FedEx them back. Fortunately a title company’s representative came with many pages reverse mortgage documents and showed us the places we had to sign, notarized our signatures and then FedExed them to Shannon. SHANNON DID THE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE AND WE CLOSED ON THE 30TH! She was always available to answer any questions we had and even gave us her cell phone number to call if we needed to reach her when she had left work. WE ARE VERY SATISFIED WITH EVERYTHING SHANNON DID! THANK YOU SHANNON ... Read More

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  • FirstBank Mortgage Partners responded immediately to my request for information on reverse mortgages in general as did two other companies but provided a more attractive package overall. Rachel Sanders was my reverse mortgage specialist at FirstBank Mortgage Partners. She was very prompt in answering my questions in the most professional way. I would recommend that th ose considering a reverse mortgage include FirstBank Mortgage Partners in their fact finding and request for quotation ... Read More

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  • Miranda Jenkins at FirstBank was very knowledgeable. She helped us to understand the process and helped answer all our questions. Very Friendly service.

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  • Miranda at FirstBank was very knowledgable and helped us understand the process. We are very happy

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  • FirstBank provided an excellent followup on all details of the reverse mortgage loan. The loan officer (Shannon Moreno) was very responsive. We requested comparable data between lenders and she was quick and accurate. The rate of interest percentages were within limits of most lenders and the delivery of product was excellent. Our loan was closed within 3 weeks. First Bank wanted our business and they got it. Have recommended this Lender already to friends ... Read More

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