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What Our Customers Are Saying | Meridian Home Mortgage

At Meridian Home Mortgage, we set out to provide an exceptional customer experience for every one of our clients. Although there are variables we can’t control regarding loans, the one thing we can control is the level of personal service that our team provides. We strive to give customers the best experience in every step of the loan process. Please let us know how we are doing.

Customer Review Overall rating: ★★★★☆ 4.3 based on 186 reviews Very easy process, they are with you every step of the way! Excellent customer service and a smooth process that moved along in a timely fashion. Thank you for your professional and friendly assistance! Excellent job. I found Meridian through an advertisement letter received in the mail. I usually don't pay attention to those things, but I'm so glad I did in this case. Very smooth sailing and I was pleased with how it all turned out and how quickly my loan was closed. It really made no difference that the company was on the opposite coast. The communication was great. There were different people through the process but it seemed seamless from my point of view. There was always a very timely response to any of my questions. Thanks!Greatly appreciate the very professional job done by Meridian staff, who worked very well with us. They were very responsive and served as a great intermediary with the VA. We particularly liked working with Sara, who went above and beyond by simply listening once in a while. Had I been told in the beginning that it was going to take 4 1/2 months to get a loan I would of went some where else. When I called to ask questions I would never get to talk to anyone and would have to leave a message and they would get back to me the next day, no matter how early in the day I called. and lastly if they had any questions they would send me an e-mail which I would not see until late at night I would of rather had them call me to get the answer right away to maybe speed up the process. The people I worked with were always pleasant and polite. so its their system not the people that needs improving. All the loan representatives was very professional. They made the whole process stress free as possible from initiation to closure. The under writing part did seem a little stressful though. But, Stephanie and Matt was there to get me through it. A big "KUDO" to the entire staff. Michael McKinneyTimely, Prompt responses. Multiple pieces, sent multiple times. However, overall the process was painless. Every part of this experience was better and faster than I had anticipated. Everyone I worked with was polite, friendly and professional. Every promise was kept. I can't say enough good about Meridian! Everything went fine even though several documents needed to be sent several times for apparently different people. It would have been great to have been approved without PMI, I haven't had that requirement ever and have had many mortgages even a few over the 80% loan to value. I understand the conventional vs FHA but this was never brought to my attention until the eleventh hour. Otherwise all went well.your whole staff was great thank you very much. The process was really long & there was request for several documents multiple times. It was just a lot more work then I ever had to do in the past for refinance. And seemed to be disorganized. The title hired to fill out paperwork completely messed up every line. Kudos to the entire team at Meridian. They did a great job and although the process was quite lengthy, it was worth it. It was a little confusing at first working with so many people and having our loan passed from person to person, but each person knew what they were doing and eased our fears right away. We are very happy and thank YOU all!The loan process was clearly outlined and easy to follow. The time it took from start to finish was lengthy and I would suggest that you let your future clients know that the process can take months to complete (I at least would have appreciated hearing that). The people we worked with great too... Jim, Gwendolyn Brown, and Patricia Alfuth (the closer) were all awesome - helpful and personable. Thank you for everything and God bless. To tell ya the truth...the best service i ever had making a lone didn't have to call and hound anyone....I would get emails and personal calls through the hole process.... Thank you for the hard work!!!!! We are very pleased with all the hard work your team put in to help us shave 10 1/2 years off our current mortgage! Not only is our payment affordable but we have a lower interest rate! It was awesome that the notary came out to our home to close...very convenient! Thank you all very much!from beginning to closing everything was above board with me being imformed of each step of the process.very pleased It took a long time but it was worth it. Overall process was good. Too many different individuals during the process. One for app,, two for processing doc, which required have to fax of the same material several different times, and one for final. Thought the process would have been shorter. It would have been nice if the other checks had been sent by Meridian directly. The notary was very good and well informed as any questions during the final signing.From the first contact to the last everyone was extremely friendly, helpful and encouraging. I was a Mortgage Loan Officer in the mid 90's and you make this look easy - good job! We sincerely appreciate all that you did for us. It was a pleasure. It was a pleasure working with all of u, a special Thank you To Tony E and Stephanie D you were all suberb. Merci a tous vous etiez vraiment suberbe 5 etoile pour vous tous. What a great experience! Meridian was on top of things every step of the way! I would highly recommend Meridian!The whole loan process was smooth and easy. Our loan processor Nick was great and he walked us through each step. I was really pleased with Meridian's service. Thanks, Wayne C. Customer service was outstanding, we were informed constantly through out the process. All tem members updated us constantly. thank you Meridian. Everyone that helped me was very helpful, knowledgeable and kind. We had an excellent experience with Meridian. Thank you!Refinancing is never a same day process, but Meridian and its staff did a great job keeping me up to date on what is going on and what was needed to proceed. Pleasant experience! They kept me up to date throughout the process.What a colossal waste of time and energy. I should have gone with a local company and been done two month sooner. The entire process was unnecessarily laborious and no one person along the way communicated what to expect as I changed hands over and over and over. What I expected in choosing to take cash out to pay off/consolidate debt I received a stack of checks made out to the accounts I wanted paid off with the description from the credit report so some were rejected and I had to jump through more hoops as I was then paying interest on thousands of dollars in un cleared checks. Who pays bills by checks? This is not a mistake I would wish on an enemy, if you work with these folks ask all your questions upfront and question everything. They do not have your interest at heart. Overall a positive experience. My only complaint is dealing with so many different people. Often one person would ask for information that the person I talked to on call back had no idea why it was necessary. It also caused the process to take longer than I would have liked. Admittedly, it was a VA refinance that ran into the holiday season, so some slack is warranted. I am happy with the terms and rates though, and would use them in the future. I've got to admit that we had our reservations about beginning a loan process with a company 3,000 miles away from us, but the whole experience was timely and efficient. Every member of the Meridian team treated us with respect and courtesy, especially Justin Ludwig and Jordan Bean. Also a big than you goes to Anthony Spinelli for closing our loan in a very timely manner. This was the easiest loan we have ever obtained. We didn't even have to travel to sign the final papers, as a First American Title representative came to our home and we signed right at our kitchen table. We would certainly recommend Meridian to any one considering a home loan.Even though I closed on a VA refi mortgage, I still think it took a relatively long time - almost 2 months. Due to numerous contacts that kept changing, there was much additional information that I had to supply. The overall process of the loan was fine following the guide lines and communications fine also considering no physical contact difficult /frustrating at times due to no computer access or printer I only have a reader nook with limited access it became confusing at times with the team but they were patient we live in the wild in northern Wi so needed to go to town often to use our library and they helped us with all the faxing my husband found a less expensive title co that would have saved us 400.00 and was disregarded and the reason we do not know thank you for your services and HAPPY NEW YEARS to all Chris and Mike Chamberlain Excellent service from every team member of Meridian's office. Each hand off to the next step was accompanied by an email or phone call of introduction. We were kept informed of each step and the estimated time frames. Very smooth refinance with a VA loan.Overall we were happy with the Staff; they were great and kept us updated along the way. No sure why it took close to 4 months to process since this is the 2nd time refinancing thru them. We would recommend them over the other mortgage companies. Thank you!!! I appreciate the speed in which the loan happened. I wish it could of been faster but I know there is a lot involved with the process. All of your employees were very helpful. One area that may put some people off is always having to talk to a different person, I know this is part of your pipeline and I understand. Some people may feel that you are trying to deceive them with so many people involved. I did not have a problem with your process and appreciate how professional everyone was. Thanks, Charlie C. On the whole my wife and I are very pleased in the way our Refi. went. We had a few small glitches, but Marshal took care of it for us.Overall, we were very happy with the end result. Everyone on the Meridian staff worked well with us and kept us informed all the way. The process took a lot longer (almost 4 months) than we would have hoped due to issues with underwriting and the appraiser, but Marshall and his staff said that they would do what they could to make it right in the end. Based on our experience, we would recommend Meridian over other mortgage companies. Want I did not appreciate was the selling of my account as soon as the process was completed. I am not with a company that doesn't take mortgage payments online and that will be very inconvenient for me. For that move I am so dissatisfied with Meridian who I trusted with my transaction and had planned to refer other friends with good credit. everyone that assisted with my refinance was externally helpful. Matt discussed all my options and was always prompt to return my calls. Lauren was also very helpful and very patience, walking me through every step of the process.Great job from all the MHMC staff. The process went smoothly with some bumps along the way but overall it was an excellent experience. Won't hesitate to recommend your company to my fellow vets. Thanks everyone and 'HAPPY HOLIDAYS". Meridian provided very professional and comprehensive service. From the very beginning of contacting them, every member of the team was knowledgeable and responsive. We had previously been presented with a very arduous process by other lenders, but Meridian smoothed out the process and expedited every step. I would strongly recommend them to anyone wishing to finance or refinance, particularly with the VA. Everything went just fine.. Everyone at Meridian were very nice and helpful!! We were very satisfied! Thanks!The meridian team was very helpful ,informative,courteous, and spot on when it came to the time frame. I'm glad we made the choice to work with meridian. I would definitely recommend meridian to anybody buying or refi home loan. thank you too james p and stefanie d. We were very happy with the entire process from start to finish. Everyone was very cordial to work with. The appraisers were very good to work with. Thank you for everything. I had a great experience with the Meridian Team. I was a little disappointed that we could not get to a cash out option, but I realize they cannot control the appraisal; perhaps better research before sending promotional mail could have lowered my expectations. It was a longer process thank I'd anticipated, but once we got through the bumps in the road, they did a great job. Overall, I am satisfied with the outcome.Did an excellent job. I know process took a little longer than we would have liked but overall superior job. Thank you Very satisfied! Staff did a great job keeping us informed along the way & made the experience as easy as possible. The Meridian Team did an outstanding job on our VA refinance. They made the process easy and kept my wife and I informed every step of the way. I will recommend Meridian to all my VA friends and family. Thanks again To your amazing Team. Vincent. HThe process took a lot longer than I thought it would, but learned that this is nature of the beast when dealing with the gov't on a VA loan. The Meridian staff were most helpful and answered all our questions. The complete process was smooth sailing. All staff that I communicated with were extremely knowledgeable and courteous. Thank You Jos Great job. Everyone we dealt with was very knowledgeable and explained things thourghly. The customer service skills of the employees is top notch. Thank youMERIDIAN STAFF MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WAY HOME MORTGAGES ARE HANDLED. I BELIEVE THEY TRY TO WOEK WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS' BEST INTEREST. I WAS LEARY AT FIRST BUT THEY WERE ABLE TO EARN MY TRUST. THEY WERE RESPECTFULLY UPFRONT WITH THE FACTS, I APPRECIATE WHAT THEY DID FOR ME. I GIEV THEM A+. Excellent job. They kept me informed and updated. I appreciated everything.Most efficient refinance I have been a part of. Meridian made it very easy to refinance our home loan - from the appraisal process to the at home closing signing - everything was explained and we were kept up to date on the process at all times. Everything ultimately got worked out. I was surprised at having to get a new survey for property boundaries that never change,Meridian Mortgage did a wonderful job throughout the whole refinance process. They kept us updated on the process every step of the way. Meridian did a great job. Thank you to Nick Outten, Matt Warner, Mark Mitchell, Laura Jenkins, Milinda McLaughlin and anyone else I missed . They made the process easy and less stressful. They are a good team. They kept us up to date and informed all the way through the process . we will recommend Meridian to our family and friends. Thank you again Outstanding service, we got everything we needed.Meridian Mortgage did an outstanding job throughout the whole refinance process. They kept us in the communication loop from day one. I would highly recommend them. Our experience with Meridian was great. Thanks to Jim Peterson, Matt Warner ,Phil Thompson and Matt Brown and others whose names I forgot made this refinance very easy.We will recommend Meridian to our friends and family. I had a pleasant experience with Meridian and I liked the communication process in keeping updated at all times.Had a very quick and stress free experience. Everyone I worked with was very prompt and professional. Thank you!! Working with everyone was a pleasure and they made the process easy. It was a learning experience throughout the process. That staff that I worked with was very patient and informed me throughout with what step my loan was in. I did take awhile to close but that was partly due to a home project I had started. FYI make sure your work is done before the appraisal. It was very convenient that the lawyer came to my house to complete the loanGreat service an communication and smooth process. We could not be happier with the expertise and professionalism of all employees we delt with through the entire process of our loan. You are highly rated in our eyes and we will refer you highly to anyone. Thank you! Very smooth process, all my questions were answered quickly, no complaints.Very happy with the way we were kept informed. The closing was great seeing as how the paper work was brought to us. We would certainly use Meridian again and recommend your service highly. Thank you Re-fi. on VA loan, great rate, thank you for helping Veterans. James S. Our refinancing process went very smoothly. Sometimes it was a bit confusing to understand who I needed to follow up with, but it's understandable that many people is involved in the process as there are steps that requires an specialist to be on point. In general is was a great experience, I have recommended your services to a friend already.The process went smoothly and I liked the amount of communication I had with Meridian. I felt like they did a great job of keeping me updated on the process. I also did feel that there was a lack of communication throughout the process. I did end up with a good interest rate but I do feel slighted by my new mortgage's transfer before making a payment. Welcome to the machine. Very thorough and efficient, plus proceeds from loan where reimbursed within 4 days. My experience with Meridian was very good in all phases.The entire process was very smooth. I was receiving timely updates on the status of my application. The only thing I thought was a bit worrying was that there were different people contacting me at different times giving me the updates. And if I had missed a call and when I call back the same number, no one would return my messages. The only exception was Stephanie (who was helping me with my closing) and Mark (who was my account rep). from start to finish the process was great. very helpful and friendly people to work with and the communication was awesome. I would highly recommend Meridian. thanks Everyone we dealt with at Meridian was great, the process was easy. The only complaint we had was that it seemed to take an incredibly long time to get to closing. But other than that was very happy with them.Meridian Mortgage Company was exceptional in EVERY WAY throughout my loan process. I have sincerely appreciated how Meridian associates regularly kept me apprised of the status of my loan, and were always courteous and helpful in their calls and emails. I was particularly impressed with JULIA TIRENNA (Associate, Orange Pod) and with ANTHONY SPINELLI (Associate, Purple Pod). THANK YOU very much!!! The whole process went very smooth and fast. I did not think I would get approved but I did. Everyone at Meridian were very helpful. My thanks to David Committee, Jami Mignogna, Tony Spinelli, et al for their help, Took over two months to complete. Was told application was rejected, it wasn't. Had to remind staffers twice that my appraisal was completed and for what amount. Seems there is a communications problem between staff and various departments. Won't recommend.Almost everything went according to plan except someone forgot to tell us we needed to have a Pest Inspection and then have repairs made that delayed closing about 1 month. Thank you so much for everything . I can't imagine what would be like if i did not reply to your mail invitation. I am so glad I made the phone call I made gave me much confidence to trust you. I am so glad i did . I am so thankful to everyone in the process with the loan application it was all professional and very kind people. I am looking forward to my fist payment. On behalf my self and my son David Thank you so much you made my life beautiful. Love Meridian Home Mortgage corporation. Thank you! I am a retiree, and Meridian was very helpful in assisting me with utilizing the equity in my home, to help smooth out my budget concerns. Although there were some bumps created by outside sources, not associated with Meridian, The staff at Meridian were quick and friendly while resolving my concerns and issues were handled very professionally. Everyone was very helpful in explaining the process required. I would recommend Meridian to anyone looking for professional and personal financial servicesBeing an "elderly" USNR veteran I wasn't sure I would qualify for a VA loan. When I first started to investigate via the internet I was bombarded by many vendors and picked Meridian and Tony Eckert's team. Tony advised me of the first step I needed to take and his team kept me infomed about each step of the process. Particularly helpful was Lauren Losiewski. Even when she went on a scheduled vacation she told me Amber Warren would take over for her . When the VA rejected my application Amber circled proof of an Honorable discharge on some of the other paperwork and successfully resubmitted my application. Marshall Green was the bearer of the good news of the approval and funding and closing process. While I have never met any of these individuals I appreciate everything they did in a most professional way. Kudo's to the Purple Team. The process from start to finish was outstanding. Thank you Meridian Home Mortgage for running such an organized and stress-free process! I highly recommend you to anyone considering your services. Consolidated mortgage and credit card debt. Everything went pretty smoothly. It was a hassle-free process and there were no surprises. I would definitely use Meridian again.Have gotten your mailer for last couple years, have looked at it but always trashed it. August,I received a new one and decided to call on August 15. Talked to a very nice lady who took some information, and said someone would be in touch. Next day James Peterson called and we went over my needs, sounded to good to be real. Decided to begin process. 8-18 they mailed Application package, They received it back on 8-23. They followed up almost daily with e-mail or phone call. 8-25 Laura Jekins calls and tells me VA Appraisal has been ordered, could take up to 10 days for them to contact me. Appraiser called me 8-26 and scheduled his appointment for Monday 8-29. 8-31 Chris Manger calls and needs a few more papers for underwriting. 9-1 Chris lets me know he forwarded my papers to underwriting. 9-1 Laura calls and sets up water test with Jim Schriber and termite test for 9-2. On 9-7 talk to Ed Sedlar and he says my appraisal came back. We went over things and desided to get some cash for a home improvement. 9-17 Marleen Pickard informed me my loan was approved, but needed 3 papers signed.Took papers to Westminster office same day,and Justin Ludwig helped me in the office. Got to meet James and Ed. 9-27 Marlean informed we needed to set up closing date. We made it 9-30 at our home, Closing went great and 10-5 1st and 2nd mortgage to Chase was paid off and home improvement check-in the bank. James Peterson was their for me all the way, always got back right away,no matter how stupid question was. I'm now in a better financial position, thanks to the low rate I got from Meridian. They all work as team, and everyone knows their job.Only took 45 days from start to finish. If you are looking to refinance, contact Meridian. Thanks David and Dawn W. just wanted to say thank you to the whole team at Meridian for their upmost professionalism on giving me and my family a whole new start with the refinance that was just finalize. I write this review with sooo much appreciation to this company cause i never thought about contacting anybody sending advertising mail AND boy was i wrong cause when i first talked to Nick Outten at Meridian wooooow he made me feel like every thing was going to be no problem and let me tell you thats exactly how things went till the end who i have to mention Anthony Spinelli when he gave me the good news that the loan was closing. i have already recommended Meridian to some of my coworkers and family telling them that you guys go above and beyond than those big mortgage companys . Thank you thank you soooooo much for helpimg the average family like ours. God bless all of you and your company, Very professional staff. Matt Brown from orange pod returned all calls and e-mail inquiries and also solicited supervisor Drew McHale to assist in reassuring us that Meridian does not give up on loan closing regardless of length of time it takes. After a total of 196 plus e-mails from 4/26-10/5/16 we closed on our loan on 10/12/16 hassle free. Process for disbursement of funds excellent. The long wait was brutal. Thank you.From beginning to end, I was not only treated with the utmost respect. Everyone I had contact with was courteous and friendly even though there was no face-to-face interaction which I admittedly was concerned about. Response time to my questions and concerns was extremely timely. I would recommend anyone considering Quicken loans should focus on Meridian. VERY professional in all aspects. I just have to say from the beginning to the end is was great experience. As per the KIM d. below she must of had other issues. It is not an easy process but if you have all ducks in a row it will go smooth. It is just the nature of the beast. I am very Pleased. Great company to refinance with! Made every step of the refinance process very easy on us! Would definitely recommend meridian to anyone!The people and staff at Meridian were very helpful and professional from the beginning of the refinance program right until the end. We are extremely happy with the service they provided and willingness to help in any way. I would and will recommend Meridian to my family and friends. Extremely long process. Almost 14 weeks. Agent did not return repeated calls. The person fielding calls for the agent was very understanding and always forwarded me to the agent. Too many calls from processing to tell me that the paperwork was in review, always the same progress, again for 8 weeks in processing. Still no return calls from the agent. Way too long, I purchased this home prior using VA/CalVet in about 6 wks. The people at Meridian were very professional and thoughtful. I was surprised on how many Meridian representatives contacted us through the whole process. It would have been nice just to deal with 1 or 2 agents through the process. We submitted the documents they requested the same day or the very next day at the latest, and always correctly. So I was surprised that it did take as long as it did, but it may not be any longer than the industry average, and at the very least I was contacted at least once a week to keep me informed. The reason we chose them to start with was that they were paying for the appraisal and they were sending somebody to our house to close which was nice since we have a 5 yr old, 3 yr old, and 4 month old so going to an office would have been terribly inconvenient. They were willing to send somebody out as late as 9 PM. We live in a tri city area with a population of about 50,000 in aggregate so not a lot of resources, but I wish Meridian would do a little better job of screening the agents they contract with to do the closing. The contractor was nice enough, but I wasn't always confident that he knew what he was doing.Really liked working with all the good folks involved. Had a "team" of people with various specialties & every body was great, kept you informed & immediate responses to any questions. Highly recommend these true professionals. The entire process was way too long. I anticipated being closed in June. We finally closed in early August. It was an FHA mortgage so that may have been the delay but waiting WEEK AFTER WEEK WITH ALL DOCUMENTS submitted seemed like a big waste of time. The people from Meridian were all very professional but the process was ridiculous . I feel that we closed 2 months after all the information was provided. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. I am reading all these glowing reports below and wondering if was dealing with the same company. We were totally pleased with the process. Absolutely very informative as far as what information was needed. Would definitely rate all those helping us a five (5). Again thank you.Meridian made the whole refinance process easy since everything was done by phone, computer or mail. I really appreciate that because I have Multiple Sclerosis and have difficulty getting around. It was also very helpful to have the closing at my house. Thank you Meridian!! Was an easy loan start to finish. I want to thank the entire Meridian Team for doing an outstanding job helping me with my refinance. From the beginning to end everyone that I talk to and work with was very Professional and Outstanding. Thank you!What an amazing experience! The entire team that worked with us did an outstanding job. We were never left wondering what the next step in the process would be, we were informed weekly of the status and where we were in our re-finance. I can't thank the Meridian Team enough, they gave us a chance to take advantage of a much better interest rate as well as giving us breathing room with our monthly expenses. Well done Meridian, well done! Thank You and God Bless! Meridian was great to work with... Exceptional at keeping me informed and getting things done quickly! They took good care of me with a team approach. All interactions were pleasant and professional. Wait time is hardest but that is in control of the underwriters. Closing was done in my home and was a very good experience. I will recommend Meridian to family and friends!Meridian was extremely efficient and professional with my va refi. It took just a bit over two months from the time I called to the signing of my va refi loan. Each time I had a question about the process the people at meridian were prompt in getting back to me. Each person I dealt with was polite, knowledgeable and did their job. Very professional! I was impressed with the unsolicited communication to update me on the process. All staff that I dealt with provided great customer service. Even tho it seemed to take forever due to unforeseen problems (with chase bank) meridian's team of professionals took good care of me! i have told many of my friends & costumers about my good experience with the process. thank you all for making this happen. nic outten,marleen pickard thank you so much!!!Our experience with you was outstanding. You were all very professional and helpful. Thanks for the offer it really helped us out with our finances but the only downfall was that the appraisal came back so low we did expect it higher which would have solved our finances totally. I felt there were way too many people involved along the way to getting this loan. I also think clients should be told up front how long this process will take. This was by far the longest it has ever taken to get a loan. I expressed my frustration many times throughout the process, as Meridian received any documents requested from me within 24 hours. I believe I would have been much happier to have applied through a local company that could work with me personally. Outstanding experience. All the staff at Meridian were very professional and helpful. They guided me and my wife thru various steps and we had a real sense of Meridian caring about us as if

we were their only customer. Anthony Spinelli was second to none --his concern, guidance, and professionalism reflect greatly on himself and Meridian Home Mortgage Corporation. Tami and I would like to thank the entire staff at Meridian for their quick, professional, and personal service they provided in helping us save money.Thanks to Dave Committee, Ed Packman and all at Meridian for making the Loan Process so swift and smooth. I am thrilled with my refinance and very happy to have worked with all of you! The entire refinance experience with Meridian was extremely pleasant and trouble free. The staff were very helpful, always quick to respond to questions and highly professional. I would, and will, recommend Meridian to anyone needing mortgage assistance. I like to say that the service from Mark Manzo, Gwendolyn Brown,Melinda McGlothlin, and Anthony Spinelli, was fantastic. Great team you have there. The only disappointment I had was the interest rate was kept the same as I was paying before, and the time to close was a bit too long. Otherwise all was good. Thank youI have had many real estate transactions through the years but the process with Meridian was without a doubt the best. I was initially nervous about doing a transaction with a company so far outside of my area. I went on the internet and researched them and found other similar companies with bad comments but I could not find anything on Meridian. I was very nervous about working with an out of state company but would not hesitate to work with Meridian again. They were very professional and did everything they said they would do in a timely fashion. Meridian's initial letter is what caught my eye, it was well organized, exact with figures and informative to what they could do for me. The initial letter hooked me and they never let me down. I am not easily impressed but Meridian impressed me with their operation, they seem to have it all down to a science. Not one person in the operation dropped the ball at any point in the process. I have been in real estate for 35 years so I know of what I speak, I have had many horrible closing experiences. I thought how can a company in Maryland do better than a company in my home town. Well I was proven wrong by Meridian. I would recommend Meridian to anyone. I would recommend Meridian to all my co-workers, friends and family. It was a great experience. Mark Mitchel was extremely helpful and always returned my calls. I appreciate his professionalism and his follow up. I thank you again for the hassle free experience. Thank you all again....You made a positive difference in my life. Everyone that my husband and I worked through the process of refinancing our home was wonderful. Although there were several bumps down the road, all the people we worked with were answered all our questions and addressed all our concerns promptly and effectively, they were easy to communicate with, and also very polite and considerate. I would rate Meridian's customer service as EXCELLENT!I would like to thank all involved for the help, guidance and patience in processing our refinance. Matt and Julia are the ones that come to mind when thinking thru the entire process. They were always helpful and would find the answer to my many questions. They kept me informed of what was coming next, i will say it took longer than anyone would like for it to,but when you consider the logistics of all involved the time factor was understandable. I really appreciate all that Meridian has done. I started out working with Nick Outten who responded to every question any time I had one and he got the process going immediately. He explained that I be working with different groups along the way which I did and everyone was great and helpful. The last 2 people I dealt with where Ed Packman & Marshall Green who was just amazing... prompt in answering any questions, always helpful and professional. The process was much faster than I ever expected. I did have a issue which I found out was not because of Meridian it had to do with the title company. I had emailed Ed Packman the next to morning and ask if he could call me that is was somewhat important. I received a call within 30 seconds once again his support and professionalism is outstanding. I would give Meridian a 10 plus and would recommend them Outstanding service ..... Thanks to everyone especially Ed Packman & Marshall Green. It did not go good because I did not get the fund that was told to from the beginning.Marlena was the most patience person. We had many difficulties but she never gave up. After we were making settlement I received a call from another company but I said I could not abandon her after all she went through with us. I had a good experience with Meridian Home Mortgage. they kept in contact with me the entire time and walked me through the process. The Meridian Team was really nice to work with. They responded quickly to messages. They made the whole process simple and enjoyable. Thank you!Every thing went fine until I received the notice of servicing transfer to Flagstar Bank!!!! The most corrupt and incompetent mortgage servicer in the country. Now I am totally pissed!! Really smooth process that took less than 60 days. Great team to work with. Recommend this company any time. All went well. The team effort was excellent. A bit too much time to closing. WAY too much info required (but needed).Great to work with-answered question immediately-glad we went with this company. I want to thank the team at meridian for a job well done , it was a team effort to make my refinance go so smooth. Really enjoyed working with the folks at Meridian. They were very patient with us trying to gather all of the needed documents. They even sent a notary for us to close with while we were on vacation in SD. Overall great experience.First off - I want to apologize for the lateness of the review - I have been traveling and work has to come first. I would like to thank the entire Meridian Organization for helping Linda and I through the entire process. The regular updates and clear communication made a paper/time intense experience run as smooth as possible. I understand that I am the customer - but I felt a stronger business relationship than that with Meridian - because of your people. I worked with Dave Committe early in the process - and he had answers to all the questions I had. He is a true professional. Stephanie DePietro took over the process and was a pleasure to work with. Her attention to my account and her timely follow-up made the process work. I could not have asked for a better person to lead me through the process. There were a couple of bumps in the road - but in both cases Dave and Stephanie understood my position and made it work. The current climate of customer service in this country sucks. People do not follow-up, do not return inquiries and phone calls - in simple terms don't give a damn about the customer. This was not the case with Meridian and especially Dave and Stephanie. Compared to their peers in the customer service arena they are All-Stars. It was a pleasure working with these people and everyone at Meridian. I never give excellent ratings - because I feel excellence is something you strive for - but can never quite reach. But I actually did give your team a excellent rating - because they earned it. When I first made a call to Meridian I was not very optimistic about being able to refinance. My financial circumstances had left me feeling like there was nothing I could do. The team at Meridian never judged me or my financial situation and worked extremely hard to make a re-fi loan possible for me. I am so impressed with their efforts, their communication, and the above and beyond attitude. I must mention Marleen Pickard as she was the person that kept me up to date on a regular basis with impeccable communication. There is no doubt in my mind that due to the efforts of Meridian and the refinancing of my mortgage I can truly change my financial landscape. So pleased, there are only accolades for this company and the team they have working there!!! All of the man and woman of your company where great I am every happy the only thing that got to me at times was how long that this process took I was given days to get my paper work back to you but you made me wait months before the whole process was finish. I think that you as a company can make it all faster for us.I felt mislead and lied to throughout the entire process. I was given an estimate which I thought was based on actual knowledge of my area when it was actually just telling me what I wanted to hear. I was also told not to let anyone else pull my credit but found out later that I could have had multiple pulls in the beginning of the process and it would not have affected my credit score. The process took too long. I was passed off to many people throughout the process. Personal information was faxed to a public fax without my knowledge or permission. In the end I paid too much for a mortgage that took too long to process. I wont be back. My transaction was handled professionally and efficiently. I was kept apprised of the process at all times and what to expect in terms of timelines, all of which were completed as promised or before. Any and all questions were responded to accurately and quickly. The entire process was handled smoothly and seamlessly. Thank you! Everyone was great! During the process, I was kept informed/updated. The team was consistently professional and knowledgeable. I have no complaints!The people I dealt with were great. They kept me informed. The process was very lengthy. Kept getting requests for more documents, even a week from closing. Need a process to get all documentation with one request. The whole team we worked with were excellent. Very accommodating, and helpful with questions. It did take a little longer but that is to be expected with VA. Everything finally came together and our closing was great due to the fact they came right to our home at our convenience. Thank you for a Great experience. Best thing we ever did! Total time was 3 months. That really isn't bad!! The team at Meridian went above and beyond. Whenever I needed to contact them, I ALWAYS got a response within hours. I work nights, and they worked with me so that we could stay in touch. Never had any fears or worries what was going on behind the scene. Fantastic experience. I wish all companies ran as efficiently as Meridian!!!!!Very pleasant experience overall. Went very quickly once all documents were received. Definitely would recommend them to others. Meridian knocked it out of the park for me. The delivered exactly to a "T" what was promised from the very first conversation I had with Tony Tucci. I could not be happier with the service I got. I was kept informed through the entire process at all times. At no time did I feel left in the dark. This is a top notch company. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Had a fantastic experience with Meridian.Thought the process was going to be a difficult one considering I'm in new York and they are in Maryland but the communication was stellar.Anything that was needed on both sides was handled expeditiously and everything that was quoted held true.I would highly recommend Meridian to anyone and would certainly use them again for any future mortgage needs.All of the people I dealt with were knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. My only dissatisfaction was with the period of time from start to finish. Though the process was lengthy, our experience with Meridian was awesome. The staff made it very easy on us. They kept us informed throughout the whole process. We would recommend Meridian Home Mortgage Corporation to anyone. Thanks for everything! Darrell and Sue The experience overall was a challenging one (too lengthy, four months) due to many circumstances on both sides, but I'd like to commend the one person I worked with the most as *he hung in there despite frustrations and changes. *Edward Packman, Team Leader, Green Pod. This transaction meant not only refinancing my house to a better monthly payment, but I was also able to pay off some serious credit card debt. His time, effort and fortitude to process this loan through, life changing. Thank you Meridian. Sincerely, Jennifer H.Meridian Home Mortgage is by far the worst experience I have had when dealing with a mortgage company. First off there would be weeks with no communication from them, even if I called it would be two or three days without a returned call from them. Also, which this is the worst part, my wife and I have been working on her credit for over 5 years and finally have it at a decent score, so we decided to try and refinance our home and add her on the mortgage, so at the recommendation of a Meridian Home Mortgage "credit specialist" we did a couple things to boost her credit score and some how these recommendations hurt her credit score to the point that it's probably going to take another 5 plus years to get her credit score back to decent. So thank you Meridian Home Mortgage for screwing up my credit score with hard inquiries every other day and for completely killing my wife's credit score with your horrible recommendations. I will be telling everyone I know about the horrible experience I had with y'all and recommend that anyone wanting to refinance find another company to use. I had by far the worst experience trying to refinance my home with Ocwen. My rate (from 8 years ago) was 6.5%. I just wanted a lower rate. After I jumped through every hoop they asked me to, they said no. I never even knew why because they would say things like "the fact that I have never been late or missed a payment" was one of the reasons! Explain that in English please. Anyway I had all but given up when I got a letter in the mail, one of many I always get, about refinancing. I figured what the heck. I had the BEST experience with Meridian. I started with Mark Manzo who would always follow up with me. Then I was dealing with Ms. Marleen Pickard who in my opinion gave me the best customer service and attention and details as were possible. Not only could they do my refinance, but they gave me a 4.125% rate which is a huge discount to my 6.5% from Ocwen. If you are looking to refinance, or even just flat out buy a home, USE MERIDIAN! I would never waste my time writing a review if it were not completely warranted and this review needs to be seen. We had a great experience working with Meridian Home Mortgage for our refinance home loan. From the very first phone call to the last email communication, everyone we spoke to was very kind and professional. We really liked the fact that someone contacted us every few days to a week to let us know the status of the loan and what the next steps would be. We would like to extend a special thank you to Tony Eckert, Dave Committee, Julia Tirenna, Ed Sedlar, and Mark Mitchell for working with us, answering questions and contacting us right away when something was needed. Thank you so much for helping us improve our financial situation! We would definitely recommend Meridian.Our experience with Meridian was top notch. Mark Manzo, Ed Stellar, Mark Mitchell, and A.J. Price went over the top to give us the best service possible. We are looking forward got referring our friends to Meridian. Thank You, Michael B. I recently closed a loan on my house to lower my interest rate and pay off some credit card dept. I was very satisfied with Meridian Home Mortgage Corp. I started out working with Nick and he did a fantastic job of keeping me informed each step that needed to be taken to secure me loan. He turned me over the A.J. Price and he to was very professional in his approach to getting the appraisal done in less then one week after all the papers were submitted. My final loan officer I had was Marleen Pickard. She to was alert to the needs of my wife and myself to make sure we understood exactly what was taking place with the under writer. Our loan closed May 16, 2016 with very little delay. I would recommend Meridian to my family and anyone else who would be looking for professional's.Our refinance experience with Meridian Home Mortgage was excellent. Tony, AJ, Anthony, George, Amber and Melinda were all superb. This was our first VA loan, and they helped us through that process as painlessly as possible. It did take a little time but that is no fault of Meridian. The whole process was handled with the utmost courtesy and professionalism, and was well worth the wait. I cannot say enough how helpful, pleasant and and knowledgeable the staff is. They were there to assist no matter what arose and everything did get resolved favorably. We felt they truly made an effort to keep us informed even during the slow times. Meridian gets an A+ from us. Awesome from start to finish, delivered on what was promised and kept me updated throughout the whole process. Thanks! We had the most enjoyable experience working with Meridian Home Mortgage. All communication regarding our mortgage was top notch. Every step of the process from the initial contact to the final closing left us feeling as though we were always top priority. Thank you so much for helping us get back on track with our finances! We would definitely recommend Meridian.My experience with Meridian is excellent. I made a refinancing so fast and easy. More successful for the Company I will recommend Meridian for those family needs help to refinance their home in the future. Well done to all associate and worker May God Bless you all "THANK YOU" I had a favorable experience with Meridian, it did take a little longer than expected but representatives were in contact with me throughout the entire process. During the final stages, Marlene Pickard was helpful by keeping me informed of the steps needed to close and where exactly we stood in the process. Also having the closing agent meet me at a time and place that was convenient for me was very much appreciated. I didn't have to leave work or make special arrangements for closing. I would recommend Meridian and thanks you to the entire team. Doing a refinance with Meridian was easy from beginning to end. The teams were very helpful and informative. Special thanks go out to Tony, Stephanie, and Matt and their teams. Meridian has our thumbs up!Thank you team for your excellent and efficient customer service. I will definite refer Meridian to my family and friends. Peggy Good experience. Easy, solid communication. I work for a bank, so I already knew what types of docs and questions were involved, so I had no surprises. The appraisal was more expensive than it should have been, and he was from out of the area, so he did not get the best comps, but now I can update the Clerk of Court and pay less in property taxes! My proceeds were wired to my account promptly. The process was actually enjoyable. Every person I dealt with was helpful, professional, pleasant, and efficient. I told the last person, Stephanie, that I enjoyed the process and I don't think she believed me. But I did. I just read the last several reviews below. I agree with all the positives. The few complaining that it took too long I disagree with. I got a lower percent, got rid of my PMI cost and lower monthly payments. plus some cash at the end. what more can you ask for?We had a great experience with Meridian. Stephanie DiPietro was great thru the whole process. We used our VA, which if anyone does, expect a long process. The VA is in not hurry to help anyone. But Meridian is. I've read all the reviews before chosen Meridian. Some good, some not. But Meridian delivers on their promise and does what they say they'll do. If the process doesn't go fast or you've had a bad experience, it's probably you. & if you're honest in the process with Meridian, you know how great they are and what a great job they do. Thank you to Stephanie DiPietro and the whole Meridian team!! Matt, Stephanie, and Melinda - I wanted to get back to you to thank you for the guidance and support you provided me through the VA refinancing process. I hope you can appreciate the hesitancy of someone my age working 'on-line' with the largest investment of my life at stake. You made the process as painless as you could, and your perseverance got me through without significant loss of sleep - at least on my end. I just received via Fed Ex the checks for reducing my credit obligations. I will forward those on to the respective companies today. If I can be a reference relative to your competency and professionalism in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me. If I have left someone out of the process, please let me know. Sincerely, Mike My experience with Meridian was excellent. It wasn't as time consuming, like i thought it would be. They help me and my wife at a time when it was needed. I would recommend Meridian to anyone.Thanks again to the whole team.The refinance experience with Meridian was nothing short of being great. I have never had the experience of working with complete professionalism as Meridian. What I really liked was the fact that they informed you of every step and when to expect and what to expect. And a special thanks to Marleen Pickard, (Team Lead Purple Pod). She was with me the entire closing process. She is a great asset to the most critical phase of this process and I appreciate her being there for Maria and I. Thanks again for a job well done! Sincerely, Gary and Maria B. Overall, I would have to grade Meridian a D-. On three separate occasions, I had to supply proof of income to you and your underwriters. Not to mention having to provide a detailed letter as to why my income changed over the last year or two. And the kicker: a letter to the underwriters telling them how my wife and I are going to spend the monies returned to us at closing. Only because we were close to finishing up the loan did I decide to do this letter. Otherwise, I would have dropped you Meridian like a hot potato. What my wife and I do with the monies from closing is none of yours (or the underwriters) business. Also, the information on what cash we would receive at closing versus what we actually got was off by about $200 dollars. So Meridian shorted us about $200 in monies we could have used. Now we'll have to see how Meridian is when we start paying monthly mortgage payments. Hopefully they aren't another Wells Fargo or Bank of America. Initially the process seemed relatively straight forward and we were pleased with the speed. After that we were passed off to someone else and then on to someone else, etc.. To reveal what is very private information over and over with different staff is definitely dehumanizing. We also found that information we had previously provided to one person somehow was not passed on to the next stage. Communication was lacking. We had sent email telling them something was wrong or missing only to not hear anything back until weeks later when they said they needed something I told them about weeks before. In full disclosure, I was on the bubble at least twice about pulling the plug on the whole thing. Sounds bad but honestly (for some reason), I expected much worse. It could definitely improve by making it more personal where you are dealing with one person throughout - someone you would feel a higher level of confidence in.We finally got to refinance our home..It did take a bit longer than what we anticipated,however, we did clean up our title report where items were showing that should have been removed..With the help of Meridian Mortgage's staff, it did get cleaned up..we got a much lower interest rate!! YAY....We appreciate the service that was provided to us. Dealing with Meridian Mortgage was a wonderful experience. The person in charge of getting my loan approved and through was amazing. He was in constant communication with me and was very pleasant. Whenever I had a question, he responded in a very timely manner. With my busy schedule, that was greatly appreciated. I also loved that fact that a very enjoyable man was scheduled to come to our home to perform the closing. This personal service is definitely awesome!! The whole process was made easy! I would recommend Meridian Mortgage to any of my friends/family that were in need of your services. Furthermore,I would not hesitate to use your company in the future either. Thanks for all the hard work. Sincerely, Cathy it was GREAT....we sail smooth thru all the paper work and the back and from the e-mails and are awesome to work with you guys...thx for helping to get closer to my retirement...allysanI would like to first say thank you for working with me while I was on travel for my was greatly appreciated. I thought the process took too long that even one of the gentlemen working with me thought I would have two months without a mortgage payment...but it turned out to be only one. Clarity in every area is also important. I did not know that Meridian would include the Pest Control issue in the loan until I was due to close...very important to know up front. There was miscommunication at times due to being contacted by multiple people and them not communicating with each other...internal communication is very important and would make the customer feel more confident in the process...I've refinanced before with the process taking a month...this one took about 2...would've been a little sooner I feel, again, if there was better communication. I have a few more questions concerning when the insurance will change to the new lender and what happens with the escrow from the previous lender, etc...will contact by phone. All in all I want to thank you for the service. The loan process was easy, though took a long time. The staff was great! The only issue I have is that my loan was transferred to Flagstar? I was never told that, and never heard of Flagstar. I got a sense of Meridian not being totally honest. To tell you the truth if it hadn't been for Stephanie and her trying to help me even when I almost thought things would not ever get completed I would say 4 months was a long time to wait. I am happy with the final outcome but 4 months? Better information at the beginning would have been good. Like everything that possibly would have been required or needed to get the loan done. I do understand things take time. Thank you for finally approving my loan. After the approval it went smooth. ShelleyVery long process with no updates. Communication was awful. We would leave messages with no replies. Then later find out that we were on to the next step with a new person to answer our questions. It felt that we were left in the dark with questions and no one to answer. If we were to do it over I absolutely would look for a different company. To the crew at Meridian. I want to thank you for up most help in the refi of my home. Each person was that was involved in the process, were kind, knowledgeable, and kept me up informed the each stage. I would recommend your services to anyone who has the same need as I did. Thanks to the staff at Meridian. Great experience. Your team members were awesome to work with. I'd come back for sure if the need arises.The process was quit easy. But the communication between the office and client needs to improve. I don't like how your loan is passed down an assembly line and I have to talk to so many different people regard the status of your loan. Keeping in touch with the client is very important. The client should not to contact the office for status. The process from the application to closing was way to long. Rene Our Meridian experience was positive- they were polite, prompt, and to the point. Worked out great for us with a VA refi and would definitely use them again! Very long process which was often frustrating. A few times there were some communication breakdowns from being passed to different people working with my loan. I'm glad it is finally finished and I'm happy with the end result. Thanks to Nick Outten and Ed Packman who were always quick to respond and as helpful as possible!Everyone I spoke to through the process was very helpful and efficient. The only complaint would be the over payment of debts after being told it would be corrected -- however, we will eventually receive those over payments returned to us, so all in all we are satisfied. The refinance my house went very well. I am really happy with the process and the professional way the staff working with the clients. My questions was always answer right away with explanations and care. My deep appreciation to Toni Tucci, Ed Packmam and the team. Good luck and special thanks again. At first, we were somewhat uncertain as to whether we should contact Meridian and begin the process of applying for a mortgage refinancing. Thank God, we made that call. This was truly an answer to many prayers. Meridian's staff members worked with us through each step of the way. They never tired of answering or many questions and requests to "explain that again". What we feared would be a long, tiring and convoluted process turned out to the a process totally different from that. If anyone is considering applying for a mortgage refinance, our sincere advice would be talk to the folks at Meridian. You will not regret that telephone call. Thank you, Meridian.Meridian was great to work with. The process was quick and smooth and all staff were friendly and professional. Easiest loan we have ever completed. We now have equity in our home, reduced the rate more that half and shortened our term by 7 years! Overall very happy, they did exactly what they said they would do. There were some minor delays thanks to an overzealous underwriter but once that was cleared up, everything went smoothly and we closed. Gwendolyn Brown was absolutely amazing, fielding all of my off the wall questions with poise and extremely quick turn around times. Again, overall very happy. At first I was afraid to use this company to refinance my home , but I am so glad I did. The service was excellent. I was kept informed of every step of the loan process. Everyone I spoke with was very polite. I was told I would close within 45 days and we did. I would definitely recommend Meridian to other people!Process is very thorough, but guidance is there. All my questions were promptly and professionally answered. Took a little while from beginning to end, but I am very happy with the entire Meridian team. Special thanks to Mark Mitchell for his courtesy in fielding my concerns. Terry Our experience with Meridian has been outstanding. It has been a really bumpy road in the refinance process and the staff at Meridian have worked with us in the most professional and patient way. All our questions have been answered quickly and there has been constant communication with us. We have never been left wondering about the status of our loan or where we were in the process. Special kudos to Brian Gerber who has been a tireless support and guide through the very demanding VA loan process. I have already and will continue to recommend Meridian to friends with confidence that they will have the same wonderful experience we have had. Many thanks. THE JOURNEY WAS SLOW AT FIRST DUE TO THE TERMITE INSPECTION BLUNDERS AND CONFUSION HOWEVER THE COMPLETE TEAM AT MERIDIAN STAYED WITH IT AND GOT THE JOB DONE THE WHOLE TEAM SHOULD BE COMMENDED ON A JOB WELL DONE MY WIFE AND I THANK YOU A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO MARLEEN PICKARD.

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