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Mortgage Calculator Full - Android Apps on Google Play

Best mortgage calculatorThis app is great. Very easy to use and customize for different scenarios. Allows you to save payment profiles. I am in new home sales and have profiles setup for FHA, VA and CONV with my developments specific tax rate and HOA. This app helps me quote fast and accurate payments to my clients. Awesome App.Helps me to give clients quick estimates that are very close to their final payment. Great AppLove this app, as a loans officer I can work with clients on my mobile. Thank you Love this app ExcellentMust have application. I use this application For knowing if people are trying to cheat me. Morgages and car loans. Good decision maker tool Great app!I have used this Mortgage Calculator Full app for years and it is by far the BEST! As a Realtor, I use it every day.. I would be lost without it! Just ok. Not enough detail.Nuff said.

Swiftmatic LLC November 28, 2013

Please let us know what you would like to see in email. Emailing us is the best way to ask for new features!Great appWorth to buy! Perfect for Loan Officers!I love this app. Excellent app ! Works goodA must have for a new home buyer. Additional payments doesn't workFiguring out how to use this function is virtually hidden. The amortisa tion worked for the first added payment option, but only if I used the 'NEXT' option going through field by field. Adding other variables for added repayments just gave me junk. Waste of money, as the added payments was my only reason to buy the app.

Swiftmatic LLC May 26, 2013

Hello, in the Advanced Mode, additional payments option is available right outside easily. Please email us directly and we can assist you.It doesn't feet my screen correctlyStill the same. Debt to income ... doesn't show correctly in my screen! I cant see the numbers?! Also perhaps you should add insurance and property tax and mortgage insurance and hoa fee as well.

Swiftmatic LLC May 26, 2013

Hello, the text color issue is fixed. Please contact us and we can assist you further on any other problems.Awesome app!!!Must have if your in the Mortgage or Real Estate business. I'm a Mona officer and been looking for an app that includes MIP, taxes, Hazard insurance in percentages. Look no further this is it. Worth

the $4 Great app!!Sometimes the MIP does not calculate. Came back to the app to look for updates hoping to fix the issue. Otherwise when it works it delivers a payment very close to reality. By far the best!!!By far the best!!! I have used apps from Android to Apple and nothing compares to the ease of use and complete functionality. Spend the 3.99 and be done looking for Mortgage calculators forever Works great! Either gets you close, or exact on your mortgage payment when buying a home. You only need basic information. Free version does the same.not worth it Great and easy appLove the speed and accuracy 5 Stars!Great app for Realtors and loan officers. Good app.One fixed needed is with USDA loans. There is now an annual .3% Guarantee Fee. The upfront Guarantee Fee was reduced to 2%. Great App!Does what u would expect a mortgage calculator to do..... Well! Great app but can't do bi weekly amortization. Good but. Could be betterEstimate: top of input numbers missing, bug. Consider tapping last blank field to calculate instead of having to select what we are solving for. GreatI love it. Great!Works great! Works well. Very good service from vendor Of course better than the free version.Great app. I use it everyday.excellent customer support. Love it. Great for REALTORS. I made a suggestion to developer and they updated software quickly. Very nice calculator that helps me miss my Treo a little less. Fast, accurate and it's nice to be able to send resuts by email. Perfect, the best on the Market! Thanks Excellent app. 100% Satisfied Exemplary mortgage app. Every homeowner needs it! Best mortgage calculator on market by far. Great work, thanks. App has replaced my $150 financial calculator, it's to use and more convenient when out with clients. Great app! Does a lot more than most of the other mortgage calculator apps out there. Developer replies quickly. New icon looks great! -Lakh, Evo 4G Love this app. I use it everyday for my clients. Includes a big list of mortgage types. Amortization and email options comes in handy Great app. I will recommend this app to my real estate friends. Basic mortgage calculations work well. Most FHA, VA loans you can't accurately calculate UFMIP, monthly MI, or funding fee. Need manual input control. Very impressive and just keeps getting better!

Category: Mortgage calculator

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