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This company is fraudulent and steals from their mortgage holders

Warning!!! This company is fraudulent and steals from their mortgage holders for their home. You send in your monthly payment for the first year and you think everything is going good, then you receive a letter or a phone call telling you you are 30 days delinquent. They then tell you that you can get a modification or not tell you you are getting a modification on your loan then send you papers to sign and not to send any payment in for one month following the signed documents. Then when you send in the documents and wait for their response you’ll turn blue first. Then you get a letter telling you they never received the documents that you will have to send them again, by the time they are done playing around you really are 60 days delinquent. Then they put late fees and other fees on you or put in escrow making things worse.

Myself, I did get my modification and was also told to skip the next month and then send in my payment. I was told I would have to make 10 payments without missing a month and my loan would be taken out of delinquency status on my credit report. I sent in my payments for 8 months and even 1 month in advance because I got three pays in one month, so I called myself getting ahead of the game. Well on the nineth month I recieved a letter telling me I missed one payment and my modification was no longer valid, and my monthly payment went up as well as the interest fee. I saved all of my statements of payment because I sent my payments in by MoneyGram and that didn’t seem to mean anything to them.

I never talked with an American when I called them or when they called me, it was always someone from India. I have no problem with this culture but please If I am here why can’t I talk to an American.

Now, I almost in foreclosure and afraid I will lose my home. I have been paying on my house since 1998 and my principle didn’t seem to go down. When I purchased the house I told them I couldn’t afford a house with monthly payments higher than $500.00. My payment went up to

$796.00 for two years 2007 to 2008, then it dropped to $525.00, then down to $450.00 a month in 2009, again the same thing they said I missed a month in August of 2009 knowing I was a month ahead again. I told them if they kept doing this I wasn’t going to send them any payments. Then Feb 2010 gave another modification and took the delinquency off my credit report. Then I looked at my credit report in Sept 2010 and it was still delinquent.

I went to a company to get some help and they made a deal with me and the sompany helping me as a witness to buy my house outright for $5,000.00 and they would give me my deed. I told them ok when my income tas comes in I will give them their money. I called them in May 2011 to send my payment in and they then said they could no longer do it for that first amount it would have to go up to $10,000.00. I told them I would need a letter of agreement from them so my bank could help me and the said OK, but I still havent’ recieved it yet to this day. Then The company that is helping me told me that they couldn’t do it for the $10,000.00 now, because the value of my house was $43,000.00 and I would have to get closer to that amount.

they are thieves and liars.

If you are aren’t to or approached by Ocwen – run. If you look on Google and punch in Ocwen Fraudulant Mortgage Company and see how many complaints they have against them. We are all trying to find someone to help us fight this company legally but we don’t know who would do it. I will be filing a report in my state to the DA, FBI, my state representative, and then Washington. There are class action suites against them and I don’t understand why this company hasn’t been stopped and shut down. I hope this helps anyone from the stree I am going through to save my home. There are a lot of others facing the same issue.

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