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Mortgage complaints

Complaint / review: EMC MORTGAGE CORPORATION - Loan Modification & Incompetence

Complaint information Author: Doug Date: 06. 24. 2010 After being laid off, I received a number of offers from companies wanting to help me modify my mortgage. I contacted EMC (my lender) to ask them if this was an option available to me. They advised that most of these offers were scams which did not surprise me and was prepared to let it go when their agent said that they would be glad to enter me in their own in-house modification program. This was great news for me and my family. After filling out their 40 page application (5 subsequent submissions), I was told that I could immediately reduce my payment from $2100 to $1500 for a probationary period of 5 months at which time a decision would be made.

Where to file a complaint against Bank of America mortgage department

2 people found this useful Chase currently offers two different fixed rate mortgages. The first of which is a 30 year mortgage with a 4. 5% rate. The second is a 15 year mortgage with a 3. 5% rate. Bank o … 1 person found this useful Many banks offer mortgages and can be considered a mortgage bank. These mortgage banks such as Bank of America, can be found in any Metropolitan area and in most neighborhood … 1 person found this useful   Absolutely. . . you can even file one against ethical ones. . . (of course you may have a hard time finding one).

CFPB Monthly Complaint Snapshot Spotlights Mortgage Complaints | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Report Also Includes In-Depth Look at Consumer Complaints in Denver, Colo. WASHINGTON, D. C. – Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released its latest monthly consumer complaints snapshot, which highlights mortgage complaints. According to the report, consumers continue to face problems with mortgage servicing, particularly during certain circumstances, such as when they apply for a loan modification to avoid foreclosure. This month’s snapshot also highlights trends seen in complaints coming from the Denver, Colo. metro area.

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage

This complaint will consist of two letters I’ve previous sent elsewhere. September 12,2012 Shannon ScottP O Box 4772Overland Park,KS66204Dear Congressman,I am asking for assistance from your office. First I must apologize for the length of this letter, there is so much that has to be said. I am writing you because Pam Johnson @ the housing counseling resource center said you are a great resource. I never intended not to pay my debt. In 2009, I became underemployed when I lost one of the two jobs I worked. It happened to be the main source of my income.

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