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AAG Reverse Morgage Complaint Review Nationwide: 1151775

AAG advertises on TV to " just call and we will send you a free DVD" about turning the equity in your home into income for seniors so that you can have the retirement you deserve. Fred Thompson tells us to just call the toll free number on your screen to get a free DVD. They sound SO nice and caring and concerned in the commercial. 

I called the number and a women begins bombarding you with personal questions such as value of home, are you sole owner, ect. When I told her I was not comfortable answering those questions because basically it is none of her business, she said " we'll you can't have the DVD." I informed her that the commercial says to call for the free information from AAG to " review in the privacy of your own home." I informed her that the personal information she was asking is none of her  business until I reviewed the DVD and I would decide if it is something I wanted to pursue further. She and another woman at that number said "we'll you can't have the DVD then."

i told them to keep the DVD I am not interested and I will not give them my personal information. I feel sorry for all of the

gullible people who are strong armed by these nobody's into giving out their most personal financial information to strangers for a DVD which is advertised as being hassle free and monetarily free to receive. 

I called their customer service and told them I wanted my name removed from their system. The customer service rep said " ok,it is removed." A few minutes later I called back and the second customer service representative said they had put me on a do not call, do not contact list. When I asked her how she was able to give me this information as the woman before her told me she had removed my name from the system, she said that it can not be removed but I am on do not call, do not contact list. They are a bunch of lliers Who I would never do business with. I told customer service that they are not the only ones who records phone calls, the caller can to just in case. I told them I would be keeping a close eye on them and better not get SPAM or anything associated with them or their type of business. They are ridiculous to think they have a right to any of your sensitive information in exchange for a stupid DVD.

Category: Mortgage reviews

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