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Mortgage Contracting Services Employee Reviews

The company is a great placer to work for college students. The pay is not bad and management is usually abreast of the present issues. I enjoyed the two years that I was employed with MCS.

Awesome management, GREAT place for beginners/ college students to progress and grown. Open and respectful environment. Peaceful and id definitely go encourage others to work their as well.

Management takes zero interest in employees and separates themselves off from the hourly employee. Literally. They installed cameras on the "executive suites" which are separated from regular employees by locking doors so the employees wouldn't be able to steal from them.

Difficult to "move up" within the company. Low wages and lower raises. The co-workers were the best part about working at this company. Due to the low wages, the majority of the employees are young professionals looking to mainly get experience.

Management is horrible. No concern for other team members, bullying, forcing people out of positions into others that aren't wanted to accommodate people who cause problems in the department. Managers have no self respect or respect for their team members. Can't even say that you are treated like a team member. It's everyone for themselves, and management will be quick to throw you under the bus.


Pay for part of your benefits


No flexible schedule, not much time given for holidays, stressful working environment

Do not recommend employment with this company. Not a fun place to work at all. Very poor communication between management and employees. Management avoids addressing employee issues at all costs. Employee needs are not a priority.


Casual day every day for remainder of 2015


Not flexible with work hours

This is an up and coming company.
I learned more about programming and data bases and applications than I have in the past.


A low key work atmosphere.


No official breaks, low salary levels.

Every changing work environment. A national company with their headquarters in Plano, TX. The accounting structure is unique due to the industry it operates in. This is a property preservation company that maintains foreclosed properties for lien holders or banks until they are re-sold.


Executive Managment is not local

MCS is a great place to work. They offer an amazing training program to help advance employees. The work is mundane day to day often times completing the same task over and over all day, but the big picture is fascinating to witness. Some of management can be quite overbearing and nit pick at the smallest things, but overall your immediate supervisors often times offer great assistance and constructive criticism. Fun company to work for offering employee activities outside of work and fun incentives inside of work.


mandatory weekend and holiday OT, holiday scheduling, pay

Horrible company!!! No room for growth. Production based, but do not care about quality! Managements have favorites and do not treat all employees fair. If you are hard working and do not like to half do anything...this is NOT for you!!!

Legacy management team was not open to new ideas regarding work flow changes and using empirical data to guide change in dynamics associated with increase volume.

Interesting company, that provides a pleasant facility and work experience for their employees. I've learned a lot about a field that I never realize existed.

It was one of the worst work experiences of my life, they make you a lot

of promises for advancement and then you do everything you are told to do to qualify only to be given a lame excuse as to why someone with no experience was given the position they told you that you qualified for.

• Scanned and sorted photos, batched inspection forms, and prepared printouts for production reports• Used multiple screens to validate and correct account numbers, dates, and phone numbers

• Received inspection forms, contacted inspectors, and entered the results to the system on properties that were vacant, occupied, bankrupt and/or foreclosed

Currently I manage about 20 processors. My day starts with me completing reports and productivity scores. I assign the team the files that the client is requesting to be completed immediately. I ensure that they team is meeting the necessary goals that are being secure by our client.


benefits, rapid advancement


turn over rate on the rise, salary

A typical day of work for me would be checking the queues to see what all needs to be done and also see what is the most heavy in the queue. Then I would go get a cup of coffee and start on which ever one is most important. I have learned a lot being there for the short amount of time. I learned 3 different processes since I was there. I started out doing reviews for the properties, then on to bids for our vendors to do the work. From there I was placed on the Invoicing team. Management was very petty. Although I didn't agree with the way management handled certain issues, I still did what I needed to do my job effectively. I loved my coworkers. I never had a problem with anyone. There was really nothing hard about my job. It was pretty much straight to the point. The most enjoyable part of the job was working at my own pace. There was no one over my shoulder looking and micromanaging my every move. I was able to get my work done mostly before it was due.


I was able to be there for my children when I got off of work. Hours were great


Benefits were horrible, pay wasn't that great.

Training was horrible it was only two days in classroom had a day an a half for on the floor training got fired the fourth day due to them saying I didn't grasp the information and also it was nothing done wrong this place is horrible place to work for they play favoritism and they are not up front on interview about expectations they want from you. word of advice if you have a job already stay where u are All money isn't good money.


no breaks micro manage too much

A typical day at MCS is coming in to work and being with family. Being at MCS is like being at home with your family members and the people you love the most.Co-workers are awesome and great to get along with.

Nice atmosphere, too much micro-managing, friendly people, and easy work. I learned about the mortgage industry and customer service, management was inconsistent. The job was very laid back there was no hard work involved. The most enjoyable part was helping the customers and working with the clients.


Easy work, short distance from my home


Micro-managing, indecisive, too many inconsistencies

Currently looking for something in the field of asset management. Nothing wrong with MCS, it's just the time has came for me to branch out and find other work.

Category: Mortgage services

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