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Jay Electronica – Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)

[Intro] The boy raps over movie scores. His last rap was over the movie score for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindShe say she never fell in love with a Superman Christian, Muslim, Protestant, Lutheran I told her that being a mortal is the portal To the true nature of growth; the Christlike Buddha man That's why I never spit the traditional garbage of a knife fight Bright lights, white ice to the fans The radio is just a stereo, like a house ain't a home And a chair is just a chair, ask Luther Van Go to work; go to church let your dreams die Bow tie, Final Call, and a bean pie Yarmulke for Hanukkah, wish list for Christmas This is the gist of the life that we lead, why? So you can fit in, with the closed-minded in the sit-ins And get clothes-lined in the ed-end I could care less about a plaque and Bid-enz And gettin' Punked on TV by my friends Don't get a nigga wrong I get tempted by the rewards that all come along with making nigga songs But what does it mean if I'm a Muslim and you a Jew And because of that alone we don't get along And when you talk like this, and try to walk like this The radio stations'll never put a nigga on Just Mims, just 50, just Wayne, just Jeezy Dem Franchize Boyz, and Jimmy Jones Fuck that, fuck rap this god-hop Kingdom music for the hard rocks I'mma spit it 'til TRL get it and Hot 97 hit a nigga with a bomb drop Ask Flex, ask Slay, ask Whoo Kid Just Blaze said Jay is the new kid I took Eternal Sunshine and I looped it No drums no hook just new shit Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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Pete Wylie

New LP "Pete Sounds" Follow Sign In or Sign Up to follow. Pete Wylie: Part Time Rockstar, Full Time Legend. Best known for the big hits like ‘The Story Of The Blues’, ‘Come Back’, and ‘Sinful’, there’s much more to Pete Wylie than that…. Before the hits, Wylie was a central figure in the Liverpool post-punk scene which spawned the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen,Teardrop Explodes, Pete Burns, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Wah!Heat, his first group, had huge indie hits with ‘Better Scream’, ‘Seven Minutes To Midnight’ and ‘Forget The Down’.

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Red Ribbon Campaign: Downloads

The Red Ribbon Planning Guide has great information about this year's campaign message, ideas for celebrating Red Ribbon in your community, media templates and more. Download the 2016  Red Ribbon Planning Guide here. Red Ribbon Campaign Logo Download the Red Ribbon Campaign Logo here. The 2016 Red Ribbon Theme Logo This year's theme logo can be downloaded here. *Please Note: You are welcome and encouraged to use this year's theme logo: YOLO. Be Drug Free. TM to promote the Red Ribbon Campaign. It is for your use in communications and promotional materials and publications.

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Fraternity Pins, Sorority Pins for sale! Fraternity pin, alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, pi Phi rho

Kappa Alpha Theta - Pledge Here is a vintage Kappa Alpha Theta pledge pin with a screw back. Please notice the enamel is cracked and this pin is sold as seen in the picture. $200 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kappa Alpha Theta - Pledge Pin Length: 7/16" Width: 7/16" Here is a Kappa Alpha Theta pledge pin with a regular clasp. The BPA maker's mark is on the back. $old -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kappa Alpha Theta - Pledge Pin Length: 7/16" Width: 7/16" Here is a Kappa Alpha Theta pledge pin with a regular clasp.

Category: Pledge

I Pledge Allegiance Lyrics

[Chorus] I, pledge allegiance To all my homies who may never Love a ho and never will I, give my body And I give my soul to the funk May the funk, never end[Nate Dogg] I pledge allegiance, to paper chasers To hustlers who be steady pulling capers Peace and blessing, may the sun always shine on you I'm serving paper, see ya later I guess that's one mo' thing, I can't be faded You can test me, get discombobulated Ain't no question I'm goin' fuck with this I do it for the funk of it[Chorus][Nate Dogg] I pledge allegiance to my, homies who keep it gangsta Fuck all the haters they can't stop this groove I pledge allegiance to the, game cause it got me balling Game don't wait so I'm not stalling I'm still dissing, she's still calling[Pharoahe Monch] What, what, yeah Check it out now, uh See this is front line, no turning back now I'm about to score, this is war on the track now (woo!) Give me my vest and my ammo and my mac now I'm 'bout to spit it, and Lord I'ma get it In the worst way, slay, competition Move the opposition, back wake the fuck up! (uh-huh) Cause when I get beyond enemy lines I might snipe that ass like John Kennedy's mind Thou shall not get caught, that's the remedy Disinfect gun wounds on my last bottle of Hennessy Bleed to let the seeds remember my memories It's killed or be killed here son that's the penalty RIDE for the funk, CRY for the funk In the heat of night, I DIE for the funk Pharoahe, when I'm six feet deep there's no grieving Salute the noblest troop and pledge allegiance cause[Chorus: x2].

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Walt Kelly

From Wikiquote Looking back on things, the view always improves. Walter Crawford Kelly, Jr. (25 August 1913 – 18 October 1973) American cartoonist, usually known simply as Walt Kelly. Quotes [ edit ] We have met the enemy and he is us. Don't take life so serious, son, it ain't nohow permanent. The eleventh day of the eleventh month has always seemed to me to be special. Even if the reason for it fell apart as the years went on, it was a symbol of something close to the high part of the heart. Perhaps a life that stretches through two or three wars takes its first war rather seriously, but I still think we should have kept the name "Armistice Day.

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DNC launches voting pledge campaign to boost turnout

The Democratic National Committee is launching a new campaign to get supporters to pledge to vote in the midterm elections, an effort to mitigate the party’s expected drop-off in turnout this fall. According to details shared first with The Hill, the committee is blasting out an email from Vice President Biden calling for supporters to visit Commit2Vote. com and pledge to vote this fall, giving a reason for voting. Supporters can share those pledges on their social media accounts. Commit2Vote. com also directs users to IWillVote. com, where they can find state-specific guidelines for voting or registering to vote online.

Category: Pledge

Dave Chappelle: 'Black Lives Matter is the Worst Slogan I’ve Ever Heard'

SIGN UPFOR OUR NEWSLETTER The former  Chappelle’s Show  star began the night with a warning, telling the crowd —according to Showbiz411’s Roger Friedman — “This will be a racist show. I’m telling you now. ” SIGN UPFOR OUR NEWSLETTER Friedman, who attended Chappelle’s intimate, closed-door performance Sunday night at the Cutting Room in Manhattan, said the comic’s jokes poked fun at both black and white people equally — but he saved his most cutting commentary for the anti-police protest group. “Black Lives Matter is a terrible slogan,” Chappelle said, according to Friedman, adding that he prefers Chicago Bulls superstar Dwayne Wade’s hashtag “enough is enough.

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₦airaland Forum

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Politics / Breaking News:levi Ajounoma Group General Manager Nnpc Resigns (7770 Views) Kachikwu Was Sacked/ Fired As General Manager Of NNPC / Levi Ajuonuma (nnpc Corp Affairs Gm)resigned? / Group General Manager, Corporate Affairs Of Nnpc- Dr Livi Ajuonuma Resigns (1) (2) (3) (4)(0) (Reply)(Go Down) Breaking News:levi Ajounoma Group General Manager Nnpc Resigns by cold( m ):8:02pm On Jan 12, 2012 Group General Manager, Corporate Affairs of NNPC RESIGNBy Olu Ojedokun, Ph. D. Dr Levi Ajuonuma ( Group General Manager, Corporate Affairs of NNPC):"I have followed the subsidy debate/protest and must confess that we at NNPC have not helped in the fight against corruption.

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Roman Polanski

Roman Raymond Polański (born August 18, 1933) is an Academy Award-winning Polish-French [ 1 ] film director, writer, actor and producer. Polanski began his career in Poland, and later became a celebrated director of both art house and commercial films, making such films as Rosemary's Baby (1968) and Chinatown (1974). Polanski is one of the world's best known contemporary film directors. He is also known for his turbulent and controversial personal life. [ 2 ] Polanski survived the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Poland during WWII. In 1969, his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered by the infamous Manson Family.

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