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BASF introduces Termidor 10-year pledge

Tuesday November 23, 2004 http://www. PestControlFacts. com. RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N. C. — BASF Professional Pest Control announces the expansion of its original 5-Year Termidor Pledge to an unprecedented 10 years. The comprehensive new Termidor 10-Year Pledge underscores the effectiveness of a Termidor treatment (both conventional and PerimeterPLUS), backed by government testing and everyday use by thousands of Termidor partners. The pledge states that in the unlikely event a Termidor-treated structure requires retreatment, BASF will pay for the additional Termidor used, as well as any labor costs involved.

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Full text of "Difference between original ramayan and the ramayana you know"

Difference between original ramayan and the ramayan you know By Khurshid Imam Know about ORIGINAL Ramayana Introduction Almost all of indian are well aware of the great epic RAMAYANA which is considered very sacred by our hindu brethren. From this epic we come to know about Shri Ram chandr ji who is highly respected and revered by our hindu brethren. Shri Ram chandr ji is worshipped by most of hindus. They consider him incarnation of God. However arthe same time Shri Ram chandr ji is called - purushottam - means Best among MEN. Ramayan Ramayan literary means - The coming of Ram.

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As Trump Takes Oath, Protesters Pledge to Keep Fighting

1. Protesters demonstrate near the parade route where President Trump will walk after taking the oath of office in Washington, D. C. on Jan. 20. Tracie Van Auken / EPA 2. Protesters hold signs near President Trump's inaugural parade route. Tracie Van Auken / EPA 3. A protester kicks in a windshield during an anti-Trump demonstration. John Minchillo / AP 4. Police and demonstrators clash in downtown Washington, D. C. after a limo was set on fire. Spencer Platt / Getty Images 5. A security official covers the window of a bank, which was destroyed during an anti-Trump protest.

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AFA CEO Richard Klipin Resigns

The Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) has announced that its long-serving CEO, Richard Klipin, has accepted a senior role with ANZ Wealth and will be leaving the AFA in February 2013. AFA National President, Michael Nowak said, “Richard has led the AFA on a remarkable journey of transformation over the past seven years. He has built the AFA into a strong adviser association which leads the market with its clear and authentic advocacy work, its ground-breaking GenXt platform which has nurtured the future leaders of advice into the industry, and its powerful, collaborative community that draws together all parts of the market place.

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South Stock Photos, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors

Table Mountain Capetown South Africa overall aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa Modern Map - South Africa with provinces ZA Charleston, South Carolina, USA at the historic homes on The Battery. gyeongbokgung palace in spring, South Korea. Flag of South Carolina state of the United States. Vector illustration. Seoul City Skyline, The best view of South Korea. Spectacular sunset with baobab and giraffe on african savannah Landscapes of the Cape Point , South Africa Helicopter view of South Beach, Miami. Charleston, South Carolina, USA town skyline.

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The History and Meaning of The Pledge of Allegiance

For over 100 years, American children have spoken the words of the Pledge in schools, homes, churches, and many other places to show respect and love for the American flag. It’s also said by Congress and other parts of the government to begin their meetings, and by other groups all over the country: I pledge allegiance to the flag Of the United States of America And to the republic for which it stands One nation, under God, indivisible With liberty and justice for all. A Baptist minister named Francis Bellamy wrote the original version of the Pledge in 1892.

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The Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister and magazine writer forThe Youth's Companion. The Pledge was first published in 1892 inThe Youth's Companion. It was included in an ad for the "Official Programme for the National Columbia Public School Celebration of October 12, 1892," a celebration of the 400 year anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America. On this day in New York City, the pledge was first recited. The rest of the nation participated in the ceremony on Oct. 21, where millions of schoolchildren recited the Pledge.

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Blind Lemon Pledge - Blues Band

LIKE A SQUAD OF CREEPY CUPIDS, BLIND LEMON PLEDGE LEADS THE VALENTINE’S BLUES CHARGE! * 2/2 (Groundhog Day) 7-10pm. Travis Marina Bar at the Presidio Yacht club. . . , Horseshoe Cove, Fort Baker, Sausalito. * 2/5, 6:30pm-until… Cheers, 1249 Linda Mar Shopping Center, Pacifica * 2/7, 7-9:00pm. Moroccos Restaurant, 873 Castro St. , Mountain View * 2/12, 8pm (doors 7pm) Brick and Mortar Music Hall, 1710 Mission Street. , San Francisco. Appearing with Bourbon Therapy and Quake City Jug Band. Admission $7. * 2/13, 7-9pm. The Green Tortoise, 494 Broadway, San Francisco (guest list, let us know and we will put you on it) * 2/24, 8-11pm.

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